Renew your bedroom with our creative ideas for new bed headboard

Renew your bedroom with our creative ideas for new bed headboard

A sleeping bed without a headboard is like the perfect outfit without matching shoes. If you miss the important element, the headboard, at your bedside, you can immediately draw inspiration from our headboard ideas and add a great design statement to your room tonight.

Headboards can sometimes be considered thought great and bulky. However, this can not go unnoticed and regardless of the size of the room, because a headboard should not take up too much space. In fact, if your bedroom is small or crowded, or if you feel it, then you certainly want to get rid of something there, for example, throw away an old piece of furniture, right? You can immediately replace it with a bed headboard and you will notice it immediately, which is always a great way to get back valuable space in your bedroom and give the room a new look.

If you are want to add a headboard to your bedroom, you are right here with us! Let's show you some of the simplest projects on how to do that and renew your bedroom. Here are practical tips and creative ideas on how to give your bedroom a new look, with an interesting bed headboard.

Clever idea - use furniture other than Be Headboard and save space

ideas-furs-bedroom bed-headboard

Picture: Think clever and save space!

If you have more To save space in the bedroom, you can place there pieces of furniture that fulfill at least two functions at the same time. A chest of drawers, for example, with many drawers or a built-in desk could be placed in the room so that it is used on the front as such depending on their basic purpose and at the same time their back serves as a headboard. Of course, you can put striking lamps or other decorative items on the dresser and give the whole the finishing touch. A fitting lamp is a must there if you like reading in bed. If the back of your dresser is unfinished, then paint it or dress it up with matching wallpaper.

A rug can also be used as a bed headboard

bedroom-ideas-in-boho-style bed headboard

A super easy way to make a headboard itself!

If you like it colorful, you would certainly be interested in the next idea. Bring a carpet of appropriate dimensions to the wall, fasten it and look forward to the result! The carpet introduces softness into your bedroom, you can choose it according to your own preferences, according to color and texture. Only one requirement must be met - the carpet must fit exactly to the dimensions of the bed. This is the easiest way to get a headboard. Each rug is light and thin compared to another bed headboard and you alone can easily attach it to the wall. And another plus - you can always replace it with a new carpet or bed headboard!

On Room divider gets a new function and acts as a headboard

bed-headboard-wall mirror-luxury

An old room parts looks good as a bed headboard, right?

Find one unique wall panel or room divider made of wood and attach it as a headboard to the wall above the sleeping bed. Geometric-patterned wall panels or room dividers have a modern effect and immediately turn into an eye-catcher in the room. Get more smaller pieces of furniture and decorative elements in the same style and tune everything to look and feel. In this way, you create a cozy bedroom that can serve you for years.

Scroll down and take a look at our picture examples and the comments.

headboard-design-ideas-wall type

An old chest of drawers you can dress with matching fabric and get such a striking headboard.


If you want to bet on contrasts, then choose the classic color duo black and white! It is ideal for this purpose!

bedroom design-headboard-bedded

From individual wooden boards or wooden boards you can also make a great bed headboard yourself by padding the wood panels and dress with beautiful fabric.

wood headboard

A headboard made of wood panels in an interesting look


A mural makes the bedroom look wider


Wall panels in relief patterns are always eyecatching

cool-ideas-for-bed headboards-ornaments

Interestingly patterned carpet as a bed headboard is always a great furnishing idea

Unprocessed wood brings a special, rustic feeling in the bedroom


Old cupboard doors have got a new function and spice up the wall above the sleeping bed

From tree trunks you can make something yourself and admire your creature for a long time

modern bed-headboard

And finally, a fancy idea for the hobbyist: paint the linen wall behind the bed and paint in this way you create a very special decoration in your bedroom and have a great-looking bed headboard, so two in one!

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