Read more books - how is this possible today?

Read more books - how is this possible today?

How do you spend your free time? Do you enjoy reading books or go jogging often? Do you play tennis or chess? The list of favorite leisure activities of the Germans is really endless ... ..Nowadays, each of us has his hobby and really does not feel like other recreational activities. Modern-minded people like to surf the Internet to keep up to date with the latest news in a specific area of ​​knowledge and stay up-to-date. Many just read the news or enjoy gossiping. They only take bits of information from here and there and think their knowledge could be enriched. But that can not happen that way. We'll show you today how you could read more books in our modern world. Have you become curious? Then stay tuned for more information!

Read more books - how is this possible today? 1

While drinking tea in the cozy home, you can also enjoy reading

  • How do you read books today?

Reading books is much more understood today than it used to be. Yes, all bookworms have new ways to read books in our modern world. Sometimes one wonders if classical reading is still in? The printed work stands against the spoken word, old, classic books against Kindle and iPad and the Internet against all!

Read more books - how is this possible today? 2

New technologies also offer new ways to read more books

Many people are familiar with the magic of classic reading and still highly appreciate the benefits of printed novels. They want to experience the unique experience again and again, by themselves comfortably on the sofa and pick up an exciting book. They even want to smell and leaf through it before they start reading. Only then does one delve into the plot and feel with the main characters. Yes, but now there are new forms of reading, and hearing is one of them. Anyone who has ever discovered the audiobooks for themselves does not want to do without it. In many situations it is possible to use an audiobook, including jogging, walking, ironing, cleaning or cooking. Is not that great? And it saves time, right?

Read more books - how is this possible today? 3

The range of audiobooks is enormous, you should only discover it for yourself

It is clear to all of us that modern technologies influence our everyday lives in many ways. For years people have been talking about digital reading and still pondering about their pros and cons. It is indisputable, the Internet also offers limitless possibilities to read something new and to expand your own knowledge. As you can see, every reader has to decide for himself which form of reading best addresses him.

Read more books - how is this possible today? 4

Which form of reading does it appeal to you?

Read more books - how is this possible today? 5

Audiobooks are a great option for young and old to read more books

  • Which books are read a lot in the digital world?

The topic "Reading books in the digital world" has become a controversial issue in the media. Like all much discussed topics, this one has many opponents, but also many proverbs. It has been found that people for whom reading is a regular habit always find time for exciting books and classic novels. There is now the opportunity to have a handy audiobook while cycling or in the gym and to hear gripping stories during training. On long journeys or long-haul flights one reads (or rather, one hears!) Also gladly, not only to pass the time, but to rediscover the literary classics. at Audible will keep you informed.

Read more books - how is this possible today? 6

You can always read literature classics - either as a printed book or as an audiobook

There you will find the most read classics for 2017, depending on their playing time or the year of publication. But those who want to start with the classics of ancient Greek literature can hear the titles of timeless works of literature from antiquity to the present day in chronological order. In addition, infographics, which were the most popular adultery novels for 2017 and the great classics of adventure novels. Does it surprise you that Anna Karenina (Leo Tolstoy, 1878) and Moby Dick; or the whale (Herman Melville, 1851) are the favorites in these categories? Often read are also the so-called snobs novels such as "The Portrait of Dorian Gray" (original title: The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde, 1890) and "The Great Gatsby" (original title "The Great Gatsby, Scott Fitzgerald, 1925 ). That means there is something for every taste!

Book, audiobook or e-book? It's your choice! Depending on your preferences, decide what and how you want to read. We can only add one thing: Now you know where to find the best audiobooks!

Read more books - how is this possible today? 7

Full relaxation and reading books often go hand in hand

Read more books - how is this possible today? 8th

Reading more books is a hot topic that moves young and old alike.

Read more books - how is this possible today? 9

Reading an exciting book on the plane or enjoying an audiobook - which alternative do you choose?

Read more books - how is this possible today? 10

When reading books outdoors, you can also experience nature first hand

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