Quality and elegance go hand in hand here

Quality and elegance go hand in hand here

Our everyday life is so dynamic that most of us travel many hours every day. For work or hairdressing, for sports training or in the gym, in the cinema or in the restaurant we often run for hours from one place to another, from a care to the next event. Yes, that's how modern man lives! Therefore, we must all be fit and always in the best shape so that we can escape the stress of everyday life and feel really comfortable in every situation. And what do you need urgently at such a pace of life? Of course, very comfortable shoes that offer the best wearing comfort all day long. The shoe shops offer a diverse range of all sorts of models, in different colors, shapes and styles. But what happens when you need shoes in special sizes? Is it just as easy to find one in the next shoe store? Unfortunately not, if you belong to people with too small or too big feet, you probably know the problem. It usually means long shopping trips through the specialty shops, if you want to find something suitable. It proves to be a challenge to look for fashionable and stylish shoes in oversize and / or undersize sizes. But in terms of comfortable and fashionable shoes no one should be neglected. That's why there are the specialty shops that currently offer women's and men's shoes in oversize and undersize sizes. Do you know such? We can recommend a retailer specializing in high quality, comfortable and trendy shoes in this market segment. He proudly looks back on many years of trading experience and is today one of the leading suppliers of shoes in over and under sizes. You can be sure, at Schuhhaus Horsch you are in good hands, because here nothing is left to be desired. The multi-faceted offer of the trading company can meet all your wishes regarding comfortable and fashionable shoes in oversize and undersize and satisfy even the highest quality standards.


Are you looking for elegant and stylish oversized shoes?


The fashion-conscious ladies can find everything here - from chic pumps to ballerinas to comfortable sports shoes.


For the elegant and modern man, there are shoe models for every occasion.

The wearing comfort is the first priority of the specialist dealer Horsch. Here you will find elegant shoe models of trendy brands. They are made of high quality materials and have best wearing qualities. You can choose stylish shoes in over and under sizes for every occasion. The ladies are sure to be pleased with the wide range of elegant pumps, sandals, ballerinas, ankle boots and boots. On the men's shoes in special sizes, one has also thought. The men can choose from numerous everyday or official shoe models. On offer are elegant lace-up shoes, trendy boots and comfortable sports shoes that will never fail you. Yes, especially the sports shoes in oversize and undersize are capitalized here! If you're actively involved in sports or just jogging in your free time, you've come to the right place. In order to make you feel well and always at home in your sports training, there are special sports shoes in oversized and undersized sizes for the various sports, which correspond to the requirements and peculiarities of each sport. With the sports shoes in special sizes, you can only concentrate on your training and feel comfort and safety.


Models in over and under sizes for sports ...


.... and leisure

If you are already curious about this wide range, then you are probably wondering where to find it the easiest way, right? We can only give you the website horsch-shop.de recommend, and you decide yourself when you want to browse through their online shop. Then everything is just a mouse click away from you. Or would you prefer to visit the company shops in Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart or Düsseldorf? In both cases, you can expect excellent service. Be advised by the local experts and inform yourself in detail about the footwear offer in oversize and undersize before you decide to buy. Online it is also straightforward and risk-free. You can send your inquiries by e-mail or get advice on the phone. There is a specialist around the clock who likes to react. Because Schuhhaus Horsch appreciates its customers!

5_klassische-black-men's shoes

Big and small in partner look, both super elegant and trendy!

6_damenschuhe-men's shoes

Comfortable shoes in large sizes, because the customer is important!


Shoes for a fair and reasonable price


In the above mentioned online shop you can find pumps in different styles, colors and shapes.


Your dreams come true - elegant and comfortable oversize pumps!

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