Psychological and symbolic meaning of some popular wall colors

Psychological and symbolic meaning of some popular wall colors

Whether you want to charge a dark room with more energy or create a relaxed mood in a room, all this can be achieved through the wall paint. The following guide presents our well-known wall colors at a glance, but also describes their psychological impact and, in part, the symbolic meaning traditionally assigned to them. If you think about colors, you should get a bit out of the traditional frame. Any shade has many different nuances. Even the hottest of these can be relaxing in pastel shades. And vice versa: A contemplative color like blue can be quite tiring in combination with a smooth surface. Soon we will point out the typical properties and meanings of the colors, but you can then adapt them to your own needs.

Wall Paint Orange: The extension of the imagination

wall color orange-colored wall

An orange bedroom radiates a lot of zest for life and optimism

Orange reduces the influence of consciousness on our behavior and in the presence of this color we let ourselves be led by the intuition. You express your own character with more self-confidence. The wall paint orange will continue to make you feel younger. It can be mixed as a soft shade of a light color and used in the bedroom. Then you have great dreams and fall asleep with creative thoughts. In other rooms, you can use their glaring variations to fill the mood with more energy. Orange wall paint is perfect for venues dedicated to festivals and entertainment events. Just a little bit of it can make a big difference from a psychological point of view. Do you need a little more energy at work? Choose a mouse in orange!

Wall Color Dark Blue: More effective in every aspect of your life!

wall color-blue-colored wall

A stylish and classic living room decorated in dark blue

Would you have thought that dark blue promotes effectiveness? This nuance makes us focus on ourselves and our own goals. This is how we set our priorities correctly and are much more effective in everyday life. Dark blue also deepens sleep because it spreads a mystical mood in the room. You will find many room designs in which a dark blue nuance radiates through. The more present this is, the more natural the mood in the room. Such a wall color would correspond wonderfully with a green or marine landscape. Dark blue also has a dark side - the color can be very depressing. If you are prone to such conditions, you should use them rather restricted or even avoid them. Apply these only on an accent wall and combine with light nuances or spread only a few Deko pillows or accessories in dark blue in the ambience.

Wall paint green for more health

wall color-green-colored wall

Green - the color of nature

Green is the most important color in nature - it prevails precisely where the living conditions are most favorable! If you have problems with cold and tiredness in the family, then you can use the invigorating energy of this nuance for a lasting improvement. To keep it from becoming too much, you can paint the wall in green and white stripes.

green-colored wall

Green improves your health

Bright purple wall paint for more spirituality

bright-purple wall paints

The bright purple wall paint fills you with friends

Do you want more spirituality in everyday life? Due to the bright purple background shading you will achieve exactly this in the room. Psychologically, you will look at the old issues from a new perspective. At the spiritual level you will become more humane and the friends you visit will feel as if you are having a pleasant family visit.

Wall Paint Light Blue creates a sense of inner peace

wall color-light blue-colored wall

Light blue looks good in many rooms

The light blue color brings the feeling of inner peace and relaxation. If you feel attacked and surrounded by aggressiveness, this shade can help a lot in your quest for balance. For an optimal effect you prefer to combine with white.

Wall color red for more inner strength

wall color-red wall colors

Bright red - checkered or striped is always vital!

Among all the wall colors, red gives you the most strength and vitality. They become more daring and active. Checked patterns are a good solution so that the mood is not too tense. These, when combined with a paler nuance of the red, can also be wonderfully integrated into the bedroom.

Wall color yellow for more concentration

wall color yellow-for-more-concentration-wall colors

Such a nice dining area in yellow is very rare

Yellow stands for the intellectual power and it promotes the ability to concentrate. In an ambience dominated by her, you can concentrate better and bring more clarity to your thoughts.

Wall color pink for a heart that has to open

wall color-pink-for-a-heart-wall colors

Rosa can be wonderfully combined with white. To match blue accents just perfect!

Gentle and tender - pink is the color of love. This shading is wonderful in times of emotional transitions. You can use pink as wall paint if you want to bring more harmony and understanding to the family. Why not try a pink lampshade?

warm-hues-wall colors

Combine warm colors with light nuances and create a unique interior

brown-colored wall

Warm brown brings warmth and coziness to the kitchen

wall color-ideas-wall colors

To achieve a sea feeling in the bath by the blue color

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