Provence style kitchen: home comforts are paired with the spirit of the French countryside

Provence style kitchen: home comforts are paired with the spirit of the French countryside

Do you already know Provence, this picturesque region of France that enchants all its visitors with its rural charm? There you can walk undisturbed through lavender fields, the dinner is always delicious, it smells of rustic bread and French wine. Especially in this magical south-eastern landscape of France you can relax during the day in the shade of the olive trees and enjoy the freshness of every breeze from the Mediterranean at night. That's why Provence has become synonymous with simple living. There you soon discover the beauty in the little things and the charm of natural materials and appreciate them. All these peculiarities of the French Provence can be found in the interior design of the same name. The Provence style in design offers a lot of home comforts, skilfully paired with rural charm.

Solid wood kitchen in Provence

The kitchen in the style of Provence has already gained a well-deserved reputation. The French country kitchen in the southeast of the country is a special place. Here everything is rustic and chic at the same time, even the smallest detail exudes rural charm and sophistication. Memorabilia is often displayed in the Provence kitchen, the good old porcelain set has its traditional place on the open shelf, and in the air is the smell of cinnamon and fragrant

Provence style for the kitchen design

The wall wallpaper in Provence - kitchen should have a delicate pattern, often a floral wallpaper is executed in natural shades.

Provence French style

Of course, the symbol of France, the rooster, must be present in the kitchen in some form. Of course, this can only be a picture or a porcelain figurine of a bird. To enhance the charm of the rural interior, bunches of dried grapes, onions, garlic or chili peppers are hung on windows or open beams. These make a significant contribution to the typical rural atmosphere of Provence cuisine and emphasize their magical aura.

The kitchen is furnished in provence style

To make the kitchen even more comfortable and spacious, it is filled with numerous lights. But also the natural light should not be forgotten, so open windows and light curtains are welcome here.

The kitchen in Provence style

The Provence style is characterized by the use of subdued colors in the interior. Here, those nuances are preferred that look like faded under the hot sun of the south of France. These are mostly straw-colored, creamy shades, paired with different shades of wood. Soft colors are also selected for the furniture, e.g. White, yellow, turquoise, lavender. Although the kitchen is just a small, dark room, or just a snack bar clad in dark wood, it should be light and soothing.

Interior in the style of Provence

Open cupboards and shelves are typical of any French Provencal style kitchen and are always appreciated by the housewife. The kitchen cabinets are often wide open and stylish display the domestic kitchenware made of porcelain. On the shelves, the French housewife likes glasses of cereal or dried spices, sugar, tea and coffee containers, as well as pots, pans, baskets, all these things that are needed in each family every day and must always be in the kitchen.

Provence style kitchen: home comforts are paired with the spirit of the French countryside

A Provencal style kitchen is unthinkable without fresh flowers and greenery. If the idea of ​​fragrant cut flowers and garden greens does not work well for you, you can add a green touch to the design of your kitchen in other ways, such as using flower-patterned napkins and tablecloths and hanging pictures with wide French green lawns on the walls.

Curtains for the kitchen in the style of Provence

Here we must not forget that the French have a refined taste. Therefore, they choose stable but stylish kitchen furniture. In the Provence kitchen are usually old or artificially obsolete pieces of furniture. If you find beautiful old cabinets and chests of drawers in your grandparents' house, they could serve exactly the purpose - to bring the flair of French Provence into your kitchen!

Provence kitchen wieße wood cabinets

The Provence style will fill your kitchen with warmth and comfort, bringing with it a Mediterranean breeze, but also some bliss and tranquility from France!

Wooden table and chairs in provence style

To create a cozy kitchen with many, tastefully arranged accessories. Modern devices are not appropriate in such an ambience. On the contrary, everything should give the impression that it is quite old and worn. To fulfill your purpose, you can display sturdy wooden boards in your Provence-style kitchen, decoupage pictures or a cuckoo clock on the wall.

Well, what does your kitchen look like now? Does she really have something of the French charm of Provence?

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