Practical tips for healthy eating: What foods should you avoid to feel fit?

Practical tips for healthy eating: What foods should you avoid to feel fit?

Do not you feel very unfocused on some days? You stand It's very difficult in the morning and the whole day is not going well. And did you know that some foods make us tired and tired? Today, we'll tell you what drinks and dishes to avoid to feel fit and alert

Do not drink K offensive drinks on an empty stomach

Healthy eating coffee. Retro cup in blue

It is better for you if you ate something small before the first sip of coffee

Caffeine-containing drinks like the coffee, for example, are among the real watchmakers and it is undoubtedly so. If you drink a strong coffee before you have breakfast, you will wake up for 30 minutes, but suddenly you will feel a strong tiredness. This process depends on the blood vessels. The caffeine makes them contract and thus the brain gets less oxygen. That's why we feel tired and exhausted.

Healthy food coffee beans coffee grinder

With freshly ground coffee your drink will be super aromatic

Healthy eating coffee with cookies

If you have difficulty sleeping, avoid coffee in the afternoon

Coffee beans white cup. Healthy eating

The coffee beans refresh the sense of smell

On salty breakfast before sweet

sweet breakfast with jam Healthy food

Leave the jam for a later date and have breakfast with a healthy cereal

The sweets are delicious and many grab a freshly baked C roissant too. But sweet croissants are not a good idea for our first meal a day because of their high sugar levels. After eating sweet pastries, fatigue and concentration problems quickly develop. If you prefer, take a salty or unsweetened cereal.

Sweet pastry for breakfast. Healthy eating

The delicious sweets guarantee a palate pleasure, but they are detrimental to the body

F Rid and fat dishes are a bad idea

Oily, fried meatballs from vegetables. Healthy diet

The heavy diet contains a lot of fat, and fried food could not be low in fat

Burgers and fat French fries are a very heavy food and the body consumes a lot of energy for their digestion. The blood concentrates in the stomach and less oxygen gets into the brain. The damage consequences are drowsiness and slackness. During lunch, you should eat lighter snacks or soups.

Healthy food puff pastry breakfast

Limit the consumption of fried dishes drastically and in 2-3 days you will feel much better

Red meat together with fresh vegetables

Red meat and raw food are not a good combination for the body

Red meat and raw food are not a good combination for the body

Both foods are actually very good for our body. But when eaten together, the stomach needs more energy for full digestion. And the energy in the body is not unlimited. If she concentrates in the stomach, then she is missing elsewhere.

The red meat is important to our body and you should not give it up. Be careful when combining the products!

White flour Replace products with whole grain

Healthy diet white flour rolling wood

White flour products make us tired and sleepy

The White flour products, such as White bread, pasta, croissants, contain carbohydrates, whose processing in the body lowers the blood sugar level. This can cause tiredness or even dizziness. The consumption of white flour products increases the appetite for sweets.

Healthy food white bread wooden board

You can easily replace the white bread with wholegrain bread and the next day you will feel the positive effect

Low fat Yoghurt with fruit taste

Blueberry Muesli Yogurt. Healthy Eating

Eat your cereal with yogurt without sugar

Many women eat and drink low fat products with the idea that they are super healthy. Often, however, one does not think that the fruity taste requires a serious amount of sugar. Because of the processing of sugar in the body, the blood sugar level rises rapidly and then it falls to very low levels. As with the white flour products, the body reacts with fatigue and poor concentration.

Glasses with yogurt and fruits. Healthy eating

You make fruit yogurt very easy - a cup of natural yogurt, 2 tablespoons fresh fruit, 2 teaspoons honey and voila!

Vegetable Chips ? That sounds healthy, but it's not

Vegetables chips make healthy diet

The vegetables are healthy, but not in the form of chips

The term "vegetables" kl healthy and we all know that. That's why the packaging is the first word in favor - potatoes, vegetables, etc., only then - crisps. In fact, the chips bags contain a lot of salt, fat and preservatives. A big helping will make you tired.

Healthy food vegetable chips

Even homemade chips contain a lot of fat

smoothies suddenly bring a large amount of sugar into the body

Healthy food fruit smoothies

The sugar makes the drinks tastier, but it makes you tired and sluggish

Do not fool yourself - the purchased fruit smoothies contain a large amount of sugar. And you already know that he is withdrawing your energy. Prepare healthy, well-balanced smoothies at home, which are a good source of protein for you to feel fit.

a-green-smoothie Healthy food

The vegetable smoothies are a healthy vitamin bomb

Healthy food Beetroot smoothie

Homemade red beet smoothie with grated coconut

Healthy food homemade smoothie

If you do not have time for smoothies, you better eat fresh fruits

The Nuts are healthy if you do not eat much of it

Healthy food table deco nuts

Different nuts in a wooden bowl are a great table decoration in the kitchen or living room

It is an undisputed fact that nuts are healthy. But they are also delicious and sometimes you exaggerate it. The nuts contain a lot of fat and are heavy foods. Allow yourself a maximum of 50 g daily and do not try to eat the whole pack at once if you want to feel fit.

Nuts Healthy Diet

In small quantities, the nuts have a positive effect on the body

Fat Source Healthy Diet

The nuts are a healthy fat source for humans

Healthy diet nuts fat source

Prefer the raw nuts, which are much healthier than the roasted ones

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