Please do not exaggerate: ten common faults in the setup

Please do not exaggerate: ten common faults in the setup

Trouble with the home furnishings? Yes, many homeowners probably have the same problem. We will show you how to avoid common mistakes in interior design.

Space optimally exploit kitchen wall shelves storage space

Make optimal use of the kitchen

Varied materials and colors Home Office flowers wallpaper colorful

Diverse materials and colors

The space can be overstuffed-living room boho chic eclectic

The room can seem overloaded

Too many items in one place: Freiraum is just as important as a stylish device.

Many materials in a room - shades of brown earth tones living room

Many materials in a room

Diverse fabrics in the room: you should limit yourself to 2-3 types of fabric and rather minimalist design the interior.

Decor with character-rustic eclectic custom design

Decor with character

Add individuality to the interior and not play it safe: the living space can look modern and still have a stark wall color or unusual furnishings. Depending on your personal taste and preferences, you should make the best decision.

Curtains high on the window position - curtains room effect

Position curtains high on the window

Pay attention to the correct height of the curtains. Otherwise, the room seems inharmonious.

Eclectic decor of the small room-Violet sofa pendant light fireplace

Perfect lighting in the small room

Small space cleverly furnished-wood bed frame concrete wall bookshelf

Small space cleverly set up

Small furniture in the small room? Not necessarily. Because larger pieces of furniture seem more imposing and create the illusion that there is more space available.

Modern and traditional pieces of furniture mix rustic country style

Mix modern and traditional pieces of furniture

Classic decor is not classic for anyone's decorating style

Classic decor is not for everyone

A mix of styles could be more interesting than just classic or just modern.

Beautiful accessories do not forget-side table wood living room set up

Do not forget beautiful accessories

Storage areas such as side tables are essential elements, otherwise the decor will look sparsely.

Monotony prefer avoid-kitchen design modern white

Rather avoid monotony

The market is so diverse that you should not just limit yourself to a furniture store or a collection. Choose creatively different styles and create your unique home design.

Proper size of the carpet living room furnishings cozy bright

Choose correct size of the carpet

The small carpet makes the room look narrower. Therefore, do not hesitate to put on a larger carpet that reaches almost to the wall.

Pretty daring-modern living room luxury

Pretty daring - modern living room with luxury touch

Staying away from the beaten path: from apparent mistakes in furnishing, the result can be great home decor.
Act on your gut feeling and do not let yourself be influenced too much by fashion!

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