Paiva Walkways - Strange walkway on Paiva River in the township of Arouca, Portugal

Paiva Walkways - Strange walkway on Paiva River in the township of Arouca, Portugal

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The free time spent in nature always works well, especially when you can visit and open up new places. Especially for the hiking fans, today we present a great track in Portugal, which was officially opened in 2015.

Paiva Walkways Arouca Portugal Hiking Nature Lifestyle

Hiking makes you fit!

The Paiva Walkways is a beautiful walkway on the Portuguese river Paiva in the municipality of Arouca. The hiking route winding in the mountains is 8 km long and consists of stable wooden construction. The Paiva Walkways offers beautiful views of the stunning surrounding nature. The average duration of the route is 2.5 hours, during which time hikers enjoy fantastic landscapes, waterfalls and a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Rocks River Paiva Walkways nature

Beautiful rapids and magnificent rocks can be seen all the way

A hike on Paiva Walkways not only provides close contact with nature, it is a special experience because it allows you to admire a truly dramatic landscape. The infrastructure is ideally integrated into the environment, it follows the hills and terrain as skillfully as if the stairs and bridges gently embrace the mountains. The unique route has windy wooden staircases to the top of the mountain, where so amazing natural views spread that you never want to leave this place. The narrow suspension bridge over the river ensures an extreme, unforgettable experience. Smaller wooden bridges lead to the rocks and go through lush plant life. The wooden infrastructure follows the natural mountain relief. Here you will also find pleasant places to relax and admirable places, from which you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views.

Portugal Mountains Hiking Hobby Paiva Walkways

The route is difficult, but there are recreational spots in some places

If you want to travel abroad, but still have not chosen a specific destination, it is certainly worth visiting Paiva Walkways and spending a nice and exciting time there. Take a look at our inspirational picture gallery and you will soon book your flight to Portugal. We wish you lots of fun!

Holy railing Paiva Walkways forest hiking

The wooden infrastructure is stable and nature friendly

Wooden bridge waterfall Paiva Walkways Portugal

Small wooden bridge over a waterfall in the forest

Suspension Bridge River Paiva Walkways Lifestyle

The narrow wooden bridge over Paiva river

Paiva Walkways resting rock

There are also cozy resting places on the rocks

secured railing bridge outdoor activities Paiva Walkways

All bridges are secured with railings

Paiva Walkways hiking hobby nature

On the route you can admire ancient forests

Climbing waterfall nature Paiva Walkways

The surroundings offer beautiful views

Paiva Walkways beautiful view beautiful landscape hiking

The path bends around the rocks

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