Outdoor lighting and garden lights

Outdoor lighting and garden lights

Almost every person dreams of a house with a garden. If you have it, then you can do a lot on your farm. You can arrange your own planting at your own discretion, buy garden furniture, even form a pergola and turn this outdoor area into a paradise. But what happens at sunset? We also want to be able to use our garden at night and admire the green there, right? For this we need the right outdoor lighting.

I believe we can easily distinguish two types in lighting in the garden, or backyard. The first option is to illuminate the actual house with exterior lights. Thus, the garden around the house is well lit. In the second variant, targeted light is used to illuminate certain outdoor areas. Both options are ideal for different purposes. In this article, we show how to properly deal with outdoor lighting.

Outdoor wall lights

Have you ever seen one of these beautiful illuminated houses that offer a superb sight? Such luminaires are mounted on the walls, thus illuminating the façade and the architectural lines of the building. An example of successful application is the fixing of wall and floor lighting on the wooden ceiling. Then the lighting can be directed to the walls. This idea suits perfectly for houses with large French doors and windows. Close to the house, but outside in the garden you can make a lounge area with matching furniture. The light from the wall installation is very delicate and cozy. You could spend hours in pleasant conversation

Garden outdoor lighting four side garden lights

Garden exterior lighting

Ball outdoor light garden lights

Sphere outdoor lights

Garden Path Outdoor Lighting Lighting fixture garden lights

The garden path must always be well lit.

garden lighting

In the photos you can see that for beautiful effect you can illuminate a certain part of the garden, e.g. the garden path. This is a useful solution if your garden entrance is far from the house and you have a gravel path or a large stone path. These garden paths are very attractive, but you can not use them in the dark. For this reason, the LED outdoor lights are so popular. You can find them in the supermarket and can install them easily.

A great inspiration for the backyard is the pergola. It is created first and then the lighting is fixed on it. To create a lovely atmosphere, bring the outdoor lights around the pergola. A great idea, right?

Side table stool lighting designer garden lights

Side table and stool, combined with the lighting in the garden

Illuminated garden path garden lights

Illuminated garden path

Lighting Body Planter Garden Backyard Designer Garden Lights

Lighting fixtures in the form of planter for garden and backyard

Recessed spotlight Garage lighting House designer lights

Recessed spotlights on the garage floor, interesting lighting of the house

Recessed spotlight backyard garden lighting designer garden lights

Recessed spotlights in the backyard

Spotlights Shrubs Stone sighting Wood Path Designer Garden Lights

Recessed spotlights for the green plants outside

Recessed spotlight wall light Entrance area planter modern-designer lights

Interesting lighting in the entrance area

Recessed spotlight designer garden lights

Recessed Spotlights

Built-in lighting patio porch designer garden lights

Built-in lighting on the terrace / veranda

Garden lighting garden path backyard designer garden lights

Garden lighting - the garden path must be well lit at night

Garden path discrete lighting designer garden lights

Garden path with discrete lighting

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