Our tips for harmonious relations with the neighbors

Our tips for harmonious relations with the neighbors

The big city houses or apartments unfortunately do not always allow enough distance to the neighbors, which can cause us a lot of stress. Loud music or regular barbecues are just some of the reasons for fierce discussions.

However, if you plan carefully, you could protect your home against the ingress of unpleasant sounds or smells and better protect your privacy from prying eyes. Consider our tips:

Noisy neighbors should consider a soundproofing-noise control soundproof living room house

If your neighbors are noisy, consider soundproofing

The sound transmission is a very discussed topic when you live in close proximity to other people. When there are difficulties between neighbors, it is mostly because of loud music, noisy children's games, full volume of the TV or frequent parties. These are sounds that are spread through the air. You also have to count the noise of a washing machine.

Pets of neighbors may cause odor-Neighborhood conflicts with animals Dog smell Ventilation system Home ventilation

The pets of the neighbors can cause unpleasant odors

If you regularly suffer from burdensome noise from the neighboring apartment, you should consider a sound insulation at home.

Sound absorbing material can reduce the level of noise. It is attached to the inside wall or to the floor. Let us advise the expert best. There are also cheap alternatives.

The properly planned sound insulation helps in conflict prevention-soundproofing noise protection neighborhood house apartment

Properly planned sound insulation helps avoid conflict

There are two main points to consider when it comes to noise protection: the price of the insulation system per meter and its perimeter. The size of the adjacent structure will also be crucial in noise reduction. To reduce the noise level from one direction, you could rely on a high-quality and sophisticated acoustic insulation system. However, if you experience disturbing noise from several directions, you should take comprehensive measures.

Most modern wall insulation has a fairly thin surface, so you will not be laid more than a few inches from the wall surface. There would be substantial influence on the total area if three or four sides of a room were isolated. Therefore, consider the possibilities carefully.

Air ducts as an effective means and part of the interior-Rohnleitung ventilation ventilation technology ventilation system

Air duct systems as an effective means and part of the interior

Sometimes, not noise, but an odor nuisance could be the cause of disputes among neighbors.

Different sources of odor such as cooking, grilling, sewage or pets can cause this, especially if you live in the house. Mainly it is recommended to have a ventilation system in the house.

Air duct systems can be installed in the kitchen or in the bathroom. The piping will divert unwanted odors directly to the outside. However, the handsome piping can be a great feature in modern industrial-style interiors. That's why you do not necessarily hide them.

Innovative extractor hood over cooking island food scents Remove kitchen odors Extractor hood

Innovative extractor hood over the cooking island

To make sure that the smell of food does not reach the neighboring house, you could get yourself an innovative cooker hood. However, be careful of the noise level. The extractor hood should be set at a low level to ensure consistent ventilation.

In an apartment, a built-in ventilation system could play this role. The filter should be changed at least three times a year, otherwise the fan will be loud and ineffective.

Privacy protection is necessary, especially for floor to ceiling window privacy solutions privacy neighbors

Screening is necessary, especially for floor to ceiling windows

Even if you expect friendly neighbors, you want to protect the privacy of your own home. Often you can enjoy the break with a cup of coffee on the terrace or on the balcony. These places are not really protected from the view.

Bedrooms with glass walls like in the photo here require a secure privacy. Window film, horizontal blinds or translucent blinds are possible solutions.

Outside, you could put on smart screens. For a nice effect you could create a natural screen of plants.

Privacy on the balcony with the help of partition protect-screen partition wall balcony privacy screens

Protect privacy on the balcony with the help of partition

The frosted glass as a privacy screen would also be very appropriate, especially on the balcony. The glass is easy to clean and translucent. Combine it with something else, with green plants or a fence, for example You will surely be well protected from the prying eyes of passersby or neighbors.

Stylish house extension with direct access to the garden-stylish home-grown backyard privacy fence

Stylish house extension with direct access to the garden

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