Order and decoration in the home office made easy

Order and decoration in the home office made easy

Does your home office look super organized, even a bit boring? Or does the facility reflect your own creative ideas there? In all cases, a fresh breath can be of great help. We have collected 10 DIY ideas for you that will give your home office a personal touch and additional fashionable appeal. Try these great decor ideas! Set up your home office and bring a fresh touch to it!

1. Hanging houseplants
Indoor plants refresh every interior. The succulents are usually easy to clean and therefore perfect for the home office.
This idea can be implemented with a small budget. The planters are actually placed in two cut round wooden jewelry boxes! With chains with a slight golden shimmer they are hung in a graduated form.
Hanging planters could be placed in the hallway on either side of a long wall mirror.

Home office deco succulent hanging plant pots white

Hanging houseplants

2. Coffee tray

This great accessory spice up any side table! The DIY painting with geometric pattern could be color coordinated with the rest of the interior. Do you know that the metal accents in gold and silver are now very much in vogue?

DIY color block coffee tray modern white light blue

coffee tray

3. Decoration in fish scale pattern

Used on the bookshelf or work table, this great deco idea brings the desired can of colors into your home office. How can she be transformed? Small, round pieces of cardboard are glued to two thin wooden boards by overlapping the circles. The end result is a fish scale pattern with an exciting look and feel.

Wall deco eye-catching colorful fish scales pattern

Decoration in the fish scale pattern

4. Deco tape instead of picture frame

Are you hanging your photos (even your selfies) bravely against the wall at home? Yes? Then we have a great tip for you: Washi Tape can be used well for this purpose! The Washi Tape is made of rice paper, which makes it easy to tear by hand. Diverse motives and colors add funny, yet delicate decorations into the room design. The sweet, handmade pompoms in neon colors are the icing on the cake in this home office.

DIY Washi Tape Pictures Frame Wall Decoration Creative

DIY washi tape and picture frame for creative wall decoration

5. Tassel garland made of tissue paper

Women only: Beautify your study by hanging a beautiful tassel garland in party colors. How can you design this trendy, lightening decoration?

For this you would need tissue paper, a pair of scissors and a string.

Fold the sheet of tissue paper in half and then in two again. Now cut strips towards the fold. Leave a distance of 2.5 cm.
Once you are done with the strips, unfold the paper and cut it in half. Now you have two sheets of fringe paper.

Turn the paper over so that the fold is visible. Wind the twisted paper to make a small opening for the string.
Repeat the steps and make several tassels! The color choice can be adapted to the interior decoration in your home office.

DIY tassels garland tissue paper decoration

DIY tassels garland made of tissue paper - a great decoration

6. Gold striped mouse mat DIY

A trendy addition to any work table is the homemade mouse pad. Get a simple black mat or rotate the existing one and use the other side.

Thin tape is available in every DIY store. It is glued on. On it is sprayed with gold spray. Remove the tape and allow to dry for approx. 2 hours. Finally, apply Mod Podge to keep the color from thinning.
Your DIY mouse mat is ready now. She looks great on the white desk, does not she?

Office Accessories DIY Mouse Mat Gold Black Striped

Office Accessories: DIY Mouse Mat in Gold - Black Striped

7. Painted berry wrappers

Our eco-friendly decoration idea is to use trays as storage baskets. For this you need plastic primer and spray paint. The dry season is about 2 days. Perfect for small office accessories.

Desk organization DIY painted plastic bowls

Desk organization: DIY painted plastic trays

8. Washi tape on the keyboard keys

For the sake of this playful effect, as a precaution, you could measure the selected keys. Cut out tiny pieces of Washi tape and fasten. Temporary or not, this idea personifies your workplace.

Home Office Keyboard DIY Washi Tape embellish

Home office keyboard with DIY washi tape embellish

9. Porcelain cup, dipped in golden color

For this easy but effective design idea, the white coffee cups on the upper side are airtight wrapped with adhesive tape. The surface of the cup is then dyed with spray paint of about 30 centimeters away. In 5 minutes the cup can be additionally sprayed with sealant. The tape is then peeled off carefully. As a result, you'll have a cup of coffee in the morning with a regal look in your hand!

Coffee Mug Homeoffice Accessories DIY Spray Paint Gold

Porcelain cup, dipped in golden color

10. Colorful drawer boxes

If you have small, similar cardboard trays (even available in the grocery store) then you could quickly and easily give them a new look. Under colorful color tape or washi tape (our favorite today) disappears the neutral color of the box.

Drawers organization DIY colored tape

Colorful drawer boxes

Hopefully we inspired you to try at least one of these DIY ideas!

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