Natural pond makes your garden oasis complete

Natural pond makes your garden oasis complete

Many people have a beautiful house with a well-tended garden landscape, where everything is embedded in greenery and smells magnificent flowers for months. Yes, but this idyll in the open is in many cases not complete, because there is something special missing. To round off the garden oasis, you need your own water world! A natural pond would fit perfectly into the entire garden concept and bring you even more peace, comfort, unadulterated bathing fun and harmony of life. In the immediate vicinity of the water you can enjoy freshness and pure relaxation. Surely you think the same, that sounds really tempting, but how could you put the idea into practice? We want to reassure you immediately, because we have the right solution ready for you: You can trust in your project entirely experienced gardeners and landscapers. Relying on the many years of experience of the experts and the most modern technical know-how of some leading specialist companies in the field of natural pool and garden pond and the way to your dream garden will appear in no case too long or complicated. Online, you will find tried-and-tested, high-quality solutions for the construction, operation and maintenance of swimming ponds and natural pools. Have you already become curious? Then stay tuned and find out more information that will get you closer to your garden oasis!


A natural pond transforms every garden into a little paradise


In what form should your natural pond be?


A small bridge is desired by many garden owners

A pond in your own garden - enjoy a natural paradise outside

It would be possible, you get into some confusion, because here are different technical terms needed. But we just want to avoid that. A natural pool and a garden pond differ from each other in the scope of the technology used for water purification. In both types, microorganisms, plants, zoo and phytoplankton take over the main part of the water treatment, in each case the area required for the regeneration is different. But both types of pond are characterized by the natural balance of plants and animals. If you create a natural pond in your own garden, then you get the same number of pluses. You can enjoy a completely new garden look that reminds you of paradise on earth. Around your garden pond you can spend endless hours of peace and relaxation, experiencing nature close up. The planting in the pond or around it is also an important part of the garden concept. That means there are many garden design options available, but only you can decide which one to choose.


Do you want to swim or just relax by the pool?

nature pool-armor-gardening-landscaping

The natural pond is always a real eye-catcher in the garden landscape

Proper planning and expert implementation are the keys to success

Every landowner knows exactly, the right planning is particularly important for the entire garden design. It spares us all a lot of time and effort, sometimes a lot of nerves. We would say that proper planning is the first step in the realization of your project. To make this stage easier for you, you can first obtain detailed information and advice. Formulate your wishes and needs exactly and get advice from experts in the field of water worlds in the garden. You will consider your individual preferences and work out a suitable overall concept for your garden. So you get expert answers to the questions: Where could be the best location for a natural pond in my garden? Does the place need to be sunny or in the shade? If trees are around, would the falling leaves cause problems or not? The professionals of Pool for Nature can always help you with words and deeds. They will assist you if you want to create a water world with biologically purified water in your garden. You even develop a tailor-made design concept for the garden and explain the possibilities for its realization.

The construction of a garden pond is a particular challenge for the swimming pond maker, but also for the landowner. Garden pond with or without technology? How much planting do you need so that the pond water always stays clean? Do and must animals swim in the garden pond? Does it necessarily have to be a natural pond or do you have other alternatives? How about a pool, water feature or stream? Questions about questions ... The answers to these questions are best sought by the experts and you will not be disappointed. In addition, you get a high-quality end product, which even has a Europe-wide proven seal of quality as proof of best performance, sustainability and natural aesthetics.

We keep our fingers crossed and hope that you can realize your dream and own a natural pond in your own garden soon!


Be sure to integrate a water element into your garden design concept!

water element

A stream suitable?

the-feng shui water element-in-garden

Water in the garden is especially important in the Feng Shui philosophy


Everyone needs a retreat, where they can relax and reduce the stress of everyday life

nature pool

A natural pond and lush vegetation all around make your garden unique!

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