My sweet Valentine - gift ideas for Valentine's Day

My sweet Valentine - gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, preparations can already begin! In this article we would like to present you small, practical, even last minute gift ideas for Valentine's Day. Even if you do not celebrate the day of the lovers, you could give away these cute items for a wedding, anniversary or birthday.
A bouquet of flowers for your great love may not be missing on this day! What else can you prepare for the 14th of February, we'll tell you now!

Coffee mug and bag for cookies

Coffee mug with side pocket valentines day gift ideas

Coffee mug with side pocket for cookies

Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed. Put cookies in the side pocket and sweeten the morning. The print with the little heart is specially designed for this romantic day. This is also ideal as a gift for any occasion.

Pillowcases for him and her

Personalized pillowcases for her and him-valentines day gift ideas

Personalized pillowcases for him and her

With these textiles you bring a personal touch to the decor. Instead of the two unobtrusive letters K for King and Q for Queen you could print another message on the covers.


Scented candle for her-valentines day gift ideas

Scented candle for her

Scented candles are always up to date and especially popular with women. Do you know your partner's favorite fragrance? Today, the major cosmetics brands often transfer their perfumes to candles. A gifted luxury candle together with cut flowers would look very romantic and stylish.

Deco pendant or cup as a gift

Decorative hanger in heart shape Valentine's Day gift ideas

Decorative hanger in heart shape

Porcelain cup with caption Valentine's Day gift ideas

Porcelain cup with lettering

These small porcelain pendants can be individually labeled and designed in different colors. The trick is to use a marker or a special pen for porcelain and then burn the little souvenirs in the oven at 250 degrees. In the same way can be a porcelain cup label or paint.
On this day one wishes above all personalized gifts like these.

Personalized dessert spoon

Personalized dessert spoon with secret message Valentine's Day Gift ideas

Personalized dessert spoon with secret message

What could be better than a piece of chocolate accompanied by a declaration of love? This silver-plated spoon contains a secret message and is wrapped in delicious chocolate. To read the message, the spoon must first be dipped in warm milk. With hot chocolate you can enjoy the message of your partner on the embossed spoon.

Graphic print

Graphic print in pink valentines day gift ideas

Graphic print in pink

A deco element with graphic print in the favorite colors of your loved one can easily be ordered online and delivered. The design and the font depend entirely on your personal taste.

Personalized deco pillows

Throw pillows with name and date valentines day gift ideas

Throw pillows with name and date

This idea is very romantic and would please any woman. The heart shape, as well as both names and the date make the pillow a real eye-catcher! Your friend will certainly be grateful and praise you in front of her friends!

Poster with star constellation

Personalized poster with constellation valentines day gift ideas

Personalized poster with star constellation

A beautiful gift for men and women. Not everything should be pink that day. Attention the ladies! This tantalizing star constellation with both names indicates serious intentions and pre-determinedness.

Labeled saucer made of slate

Pedestal made of slate valentine's day gift ideas

Sole of slate

This will make you think about your partner every time you have coffee or tea. Thoughtful and very practical.

Wooden puzzle for lovers

Puzzle in heart shape Valentine's Day gift ideas

Puzzle in heart shape

A great gift for Valentine's Day, which you could hang up as a decoration after the party.

We wish you a happy Valentine's Day! For the benefit!

Wine glasses for valentines valentine day gift ideas

Wine glasses for the Valentine's night

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