Modern wardrobes from the wish list

Modern wardrobes from the wish list

What do you think makes the perfect wardrobe? The color, the design or the multifunctionality maybe? The right wardrobe calls for pleasant handling. In this way, you can open the wardrobe doors in the morning and quickly find the right outfit thanks to the well organized system. You can read more about the right organization in our items read.

Nowadays you spend a lot of money on exclusive designer brands and high-quality clothing, so the desire for a high-quality wardrobe is completely justified. With the help of some furniture you can even turn your bedroom into a stylish dressing room. In addition to the original function, the wardrobe must have a high level of appeal as the main element in the bedroom!

Design wardrobe for the modern house

Diverse range of possibilities and perfect adaptation to the interior

Wonderful wardrobe designs

Open shelving system for the large dressing room

walk-in closet sloping roof

bluish semi-transparent glass fronts in a gentle look

A proper and generous size of the wardrobe is relevant, otherwise you will have to reckon with a crowded piece of furniture and additional storage space. As you can see on our living examples, most fronts have bright, sometimes semi-transparent fronts. Why? So that the furniture does not look too impressive in the room and distract from the rest of the furnishings.

Walk-in wardrobe design ideas with carpet soft

Wardrobe in wood look with character

Hinged-door wardrobe plain white

Simple design with 2 shelves and 1 clothes rail

Our selected collection at m or, versatile cupboard systems can easily be adapted to any interior. The stylish wardrobe models provide ample storage space and their designs are suitable for both women and men. In addition, they contribute with their attractive appearance for comfort and modern interior design. Keeping order is not too difficult with these models because of their functionality. The large cabinet models provide plenty of storage space and clear arrangement of both the garments and the accessories.

Design wardrobe ideas white

Light effect and subtle effect in the bedroom

Wardrobe Idea Designs

Shelving system for the stylish man

Wardrobe modern ideas bedroom

Yin and Yang in inner harmony

Cabinet design ideas

American style organizer

Sliding door wardrobe spacious glass oak

High-quality surface and restrained elegance

Built-in wardrobe sliding doors modern silver

We present you a picture gallery with excellent designs that have a determining effect on space.

Designer wardrobe wood horizontal grooves

Spacious cabinet with multifunctional surface

turquoise wardrobe classic doors metal handles

Glossy white and turquoise wardrobe for the nursery

Bedroom furniture sliding doors oak

Recessed spotlights provide a luxurious effect

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