Modern wardrobe benches serve various purposes

Modern wardrobe benches serve various purposes

There are moments in life when you really just want to relax for a few minutes, for example, when you come home tired or exhausted after a long day at work, after a stressful workout in the gym, after long trips and so on continued. The list is even endless. But whenever we cross the threshold of our home, we should receive a cozy atmosphere. Yes, that is the key word today - to create comfort and comfort in the entrance hall and in the hallway. So this basically small room should be as comfortable as possible furnished and designed. There is usually not much room to place large and luxurious pieces of furniture. Therefore, approach the question super practical and set up your hallway as simple as possible, but comfortable. It is also important that this room always looks neat. How can all these requirements be met in practice? We have a good tip for you: Get a coat rack for the hall and you will never regret this decision!

metal wardrobe banke

Comfort is provided by chic and elegance

cloakroom bench

An extremely practical and trendy plank furniture

wardrobe banke-and-seat banke

Ideal for stowing and hanging all sorts of things

Because a coat rack is no longer an old-fashioned piece of furniture. It is indispensable in the hallway, because such a modern bench offers enough storage space for clothes and shoes. That means that you can easily create order in the hallway, which of course always leaves a good impression with friends, family members and visitors.

Modern-wardrobe banke

A nice eye-catcher for the first impression in your home

Modern wardrobe benches come in different versions. There are free-standing or wall-mounted coat racks, those with mirror and parcel shelf, with or without backrest. To a practical bench, you could still get stowage bags and baskets where shoes and numerous utensils can keep. The goal is, do not stand in your little room in the way!

A coat rack is a good seating opportunity and can be made from a variety of materials

A coat rack is a good seating opportunity and can be made from a variety of materials

What is a wardrobe bench made of? Yes, that is a perfectly valid question, because with regard to the materials you are faced with a diverse selection. These small pieces of furniture are made of wood (mainly beech or oak), veneer or solid wood, but also metal, PVC or rattan. Depending on the style of your apartment you can certainly find the right model. There are luxuriously designed coat racks, such as those made of leather or imitation leather, possibly with a different fabric upholstery, in plaid or subtle, and quite attractive with cow marks or leopard print. It can be found for every taste and every budget something suitable. Of course, there are also special designs and modern wardrobe benches made to measure. You only have to be aware of the choices and preferences before you make your choice.

wardrobe banke-in-luxurious-look

Narrow, oblong, but very practical

modern-ideas-wardrobe banke

Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand here! A bank could be turned into a flower stand.

A modern look is of course in high demand, but the functionality must not be neglected. The wardrobe benches are narrow and elongated these days, meaning they take up little space. They convince with modern designs, are durable and durable. So an absolute must for waiting rooms, changing rooms and for your own home! Choose your garden bench and you can be sure you will get top quality for a low price!
Do you still doubt if you need a modern wardrobe bank or not?

wardrobe banke-and-seat-banke ideas

The modern wardrobe benches are an absolute must in waiting rooms, changing rooms in large sports halls


These can also find a good application in the bathroom

wardrobe banke-hook afford

Resilient and durable, with exquisite design that pleases the eye ....

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