Modern wall design - great wallpaper trends that you should definitely try

Modern wall design - great wallpaper trends that you should definitely try

Do not you find your living room so attractive and the kitchen the most boring place in the house? Do not worry! Today, we'll tell you again how you can change the atmosphere in your home in a select way for little money and little time. Have you thought about how wallpapers can not only be a background, but set strong accents in the interior? From modern accents to classic frames - we'll show you all of this in this article. With wallpaper you can refresh your home very quickly and easily, and not just the walls, but also the furniture, the flowerpots and all sorts of decoration. Check out some cool wallpaper designs that will turn your walls into real eye-catchers. Let the walls speak alone ...

Geological pattern

wall design-ideas-wallpaper-geological-pattern-green

The green color relaxes the eyes and calms the soul

See all textures from nature captivating. Especially the natural stones. The minerals and semi-precious stones form whimsical shapes in magnificent colors. In the interior, they look very luxurious and chic. A good alternative is the wallpaper in geological patterns. Be creative and choose a well-lit wall or pillar in the room and show off the beauty of nature through these trendy wallpapers.

mineral-Optic-luxury-accent-wall design-ideas-wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper in geological patterns in the living room


animal pattern-wall design-ideas-wallpaper-sofa

Tierprints wallpapers can be ideally combined with pastel shades

If you cover only smaller pieces of the wall with wallpaper, you create a cool Ges as if they were murals. Frame these places with wooden, metal or plaster moldings, and voila! These creative murals are interesting accents in the room, but have no intrusive effect in the interior.

wall design-ideas-wallpaper-dining-picture frame-blue device

Simple murals from wallpaper in frame

90 -er flair

90-style-interior-wall design-ideas-wall paper vase-green

Romantic retro look in the living room

In contemporary interior projects One notices with an unarmed eye that the longing for the 90s creates exciting accents from this period in interior design. You can reach this nostalgic flair in the room through non-woven wallpaper with geometric patterns or ornate rhombuses. The illustrations have the spirit of the '90s, but the textures are much more noble and of higher quality.

wall design-ideas-wallpaper-noble-Optic-bedroom

Luxurious wallpaper in arabesque patterns for a cozy bedroom

Unexpected accents

bench-wall design-ideas-wallpaper-corridor-wise-lamp

Geometric wallpaper turns this niche in the hallway into a great design treasure

Use the wallpapers on such n unexpected places where they seem surprising. For example, on the inside of glass showcases, clothes and kitchen cabinets or on cabinet fronts. These subtle and unexpected accents complement the modern look of your home, when color and pattern are chosen in harmony with the ambience.

küchenschrank-in-white-wall design-ideas-wallpaper-red

Bring a new life to the old cabinet with exquisite wallpaper on the back wall

Fresh pictures

arabesque blue-wall design-ideas-wallpaper-corridor

Blue wallpaper with great arabesques refresh the atmosphere in the hallway

Rely on fresh, unusual images on the wallpaper for a playful look in inconspicuous places in your home or if you want to have a real eye-catcher in the room. Arabesques and stripes are a good idea, but if you show exciting and unusual pictures.

fleece wallpaper-concrete-stripes-wall design-ideas-industrial-style

Modern wallpaper with stripes in concrete look

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