Modern retro style - neutral colors and bright splashes of color

Modern retro style - neutral colors and bright splashes of color

The be The magic of the 50s and 60s of the past century triumphs in the interior design. The so popular retro style celebrates shapes and colors from the near past. If you want to decorate your home retro, you can take many of the elements out of this style, mainly molding the furniture and its materials of construction and pairing them with contemporary interior design colors. Yes, that's a great idea that will lead you to a modern retro style! Are you already looking forward? Stay tuned and learn how to do it in your own home. You will see many beautiful living rooms, where neutral colors dominate and are refreshed by great splashes of color. Just keep reading and let yourself be inspired for your own decor in a modern retro style!

hangelampe retro ball

The hanging lamps in bright yellow are the outstanding competition of the two coffee tables, which stand out due to their geometric shape

That's a ty modern living room decorated in a modern retro style. The background is held in dark pastel shades and the color accents are shown to advantage. What immediately catches your eye? The hanging lamps in bright yellow or the geometrically mastered coffee tables? Their shapes are striking and the bright colors turn them into great eye-catchers. The two coffee tables have interesting geometric shapes and are in line with the rest of the interior. Here is a lot to remember Style of the 50s , Just look at the skilfully patterned carpet, the eye-catching table lamp and the retro armchair , The dominant colors are gray-purple, dark blue and bright yellow. They are gently combined and form a neutral environment that's here precisely is , A room wall is executed in the color duo gray-blue and provides a suitable background for the furniture and the splashes of color.

living-in-modern-retro style

Bright and inviting living room in a modern retro style

Our second picture example shows again modern retro living room that is brighter and appears wide and cheerful. The wall colors Repeat on the seating and flooring and create a cozy ambience. Many of the forms of furniture are taken from the 50gern and have slightly flared conical wooden legs. The floor cushions in beige bring us back to the past and enhance the retro flair in his contemporary variant.

retro living room

This retro living room is my pronounced favorite! Yours too, right?

Does not this interior remind you of the living room 50 years ago? Yes, that was the decisive factor at the time - lots of wood in the interior and accents in black here and there! And what do you say about the wallpaper? She is undoubtedly my favorite!

commode-in-Marineblå-retro design

The chest of drawers in navy blue has been brought back to life

I know from the apartment of my parents - a large corridor and a huge, beautifully framed wall mirror above. But here I have to say right away - the same combination can still be seen in many modern houses and apartments. Yes, the modern retro style is definitely in!


A simply furnished living room, which gives the retro charm of the 60s and 70s

Typical of the modern retro style s The furniture is made of walnut wood, as shown in the picture - a retro sideboard and a round dining table. The floor is also covered with imitation wood, so that in this living room the wood and brown tones prevail. They stand out excellently against the light background. In modern retro style you can give your walls a bit of pep and decorate them with decoration from the 60s and 70s. The more subtle you do that, the more retro your wall decoration appears.

Scroll down and admire more examples in modern retro style, where old and new masterfully combined and goes hand in hand.

sideboard-in-modern-retro style

A typical sideboard in modern retro style is still pepped up by green accents.

retro-chair-with-small-side table

A retro armchair is paired with a small side table in the same style and spiced up with colorful throw pillows. Even the tea set is color-matched.

retro and modern-elements

A bright, wide attic room, which has both retro and modern elements at the same time.

retro living room sofa-wood table

Cozy living room where old and new are paired

blue-wall retro decoration

The blue wall with its interesting decoration diverts the view from the table and is the absolute eye-catcher in the room.

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