Modern living room 2017 - what's up to date?

Modern living room 2017 - what's up to date?

It is well known, the living room is our favorite room at home. There we spend most of our time, mainly reading, watching TV or cuddling on the couch. There we also welcome friends and relatives to spend entertaining hours together. Therefore, the living room must look as comfortable and comfortable. It also has to be designed according to our own style and taste, as this ambience reflects our individuality and is the best proof of our wealth of ideas. Today we decided to give you gorgeous photo examples for modern living room Design that will inspire you to create new, creative solutions in your own home.

living room device-ideas-modern sofa

The eternal black and white color duo creates an elegant contrast in the modern living room.

  • Comfort and coziness characterize the modern living room

When designing the interior of your living room, you can focus on the bright color palette. You can be sure in this case, you are not doing anything wrong! For example, choose elegant white seating and combine it with a dark accent color. As our first example shows, the classic black-and-white color duo is up to date again this year, or rather, it's eternal! Complement the modern living room design with an elegant arc lamp and other decorative elements and you can be completely sure of your success.

ideas modern living room throw pillow

If you want a little more color in the interior .......

living room design ideas modern

Show your style and taste

  • The modern living room is wide, spacious and airy

There is an undisputed trend in living room design: this space must be as wide as possible, offer plenty of space for different areas and look bright and airy. That's why you often combine the kitchen with the dining and living room in one. This tendency is increasing more and more. The so-called eat-in kitchen is absolutely in. In this large room you separate individual areas depending on their function, but the design shows a pronounced continuity in style and color. In addition, modern man seems to need a lot of air in his living room. This room usually has wide or floor to ceiling windows and allows plenty of natural light to stream into the ambience. This makes every modern living room even more spacious and airy.

Modern dining room

Dining and living room in one. The ambiance is uniform and cozy

elegant dining room

A stylish living room merges into an elegant dining room

wall design modern living room

Seamlessly connected modern kitchen, where you have individual functional areas

  • What should not be missing in a modern living room?

You know it: the beauty lies in the smallest details. This is very strong in a modern living room. Stylish deco elements should not be missing here, for example, modern vases, murals, chic candlesticks. But the natural elements deserve special attention decoration made of real wood and magnificent houseplants. Especially these lead a natural touch in the interior. Besides, modern standing or arc lamps are very popular at the moment. They give the living room the finishing touch and make the room look very stylish. What the living room lamps There are many different options open to you, all of which are very successful. To name a few, we would like to mention chic hanging lamps, chandeliers, modern spotlights and built-in ceiling lighting. Of course, depending on your personal preferences, you can choose the best for your modern living room.

Living room modern

The beauty lies in the smallest details

Living room interior design ideas

Inviting nature in the living room lots of wood and wonderful decoration make the cozy atmosphere

modern living room comfortable furniture

A few green house plants break through the absolute white in this living room

And here we want to draw your attention to two more things without which a living room interior would be almost unthinkable a TV set with a large flat screen and a bio fireplace. In most living rooms there is a very clear TV corner, in front of which usually a comfortable couch or comfortable corner sofa is. They look so inviting that you can not resist the temptation of sitting comfortably there.

Living room fashion modern

Modern living room with large flat screen TV and comfortable furniture

minimalistic design idea modern

The TV corner is an inseparable part of the modern living room

And modern designers and interior designers have also thought of the cold winter days and nights. The classic fireplace is out, now the organic fireplace is gaining in popularity. He is so elegant, often built into the wall, but always transforms into an undeniable eye-catcher in the interior.

Modern living room bio fireplace

The organic fireplace is enjoying ever greater popularity

modern living room industrial style concrete wall

Concrete wall with built-in bio-fireplace

Browse our image gallery and get even more inspiration for your modern living room design!

Living room ideas wall

Spacious and airy, this is what the modern living room looks like!

living room wall design

Floor-to-ceiling windows make this magnificent panoramic view possible

wall decoration living room

Bright and dark in contrast

living room design ideas modern deco ideas

The living room interior executed in bright colors looks very appealing

Luxury living room with ideas for wall design

Snow white with small colorful accents

great design ideas in the living room living room design ideas

Express your personal style and taste!

Color design of living room

Pay enough attention to the room lighting and the decoration

Fashion modern living room

Living room decorating ideas

Ideas designer furniture

Modern living room ideas on modern

Modern living room ideas

Modern living room idea in black and white

Furnish modern living room

modern living room gray coffee table

Interior living room ideas

Modern living room decoration ideas

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