Modern kitchen ideas with sophisticated metal and plastic elements

Modern kitchen ideas with sophisticated metal and plastic elements

In the previous article, we talked about the right kitchen form. The theme is illustrated with great, modern kitchen designs, mostly with wood elements. Now we will continue with explanations about the kitchen planning and show you at the same time further living examples with metal and plastic elements:

Kitchen back wall graphic pattern metal elements green

A small, compact kitchen can cost as much as a fully equipped kitchen

How do you provide additional storage space?

The kitchen organization can be a tricky thing. The sheer number of kitchen utensils seems overwhelming. To accommodate the cooking pots, baking utensils, dishes and other utensils, kitchen units, tall cabinets and shelves, and drawers must be available. To optimize the storage space, you can integrate taverns into the cooking island, hang a spice rack on the wall, attach a pot rack and invest in a kitchen cart. Do you like the look of clean countertops? This means that you did not include previously unused storage space, such as the corner of the room or the washbasin cabinet during storage. Rarely used kitchen accessories could find their place in the pantry or in the storeroom.

Which countertops and wall cabinets fit into the modern kitchen design?

The interesting choice of materials is an important prerequisite for a trendy kitchen design. When the question is about countertops, granite and marble are most beloved, noble variants. Other materials such as concrete, limestone and stainless steel are very much in vogue. To balance the neutral look of these natural materials, a decorative tiled mirror would be chosen in bold color. Frosted glass cabinets are modern accents, while painted fronts are both traditional and affordable.

Which kitchen décor is practical and stylish?

Which decoration is inspiring for you? You should answer this question for the first time, for yourself of course! It is the center of your home, where you can eat and talk in close family. For that reason, the room should have a positive effect on your perception. The color combination black and white acts e.g. fine and elegant. A cheerful atmosphere is created by yellow and turquoise blue shades. Proverbs signs and illuminated letters live up every room. Other home accessories such as family pictures, placemats and small decorative items give the kitchen area individuality. On a chalk board, you share small messages, shopping lists and appointments with other family members. A succulent arrangement or a herb garden on the windowsill peps up the room. The soothing green colors of the plants balance out every room effect well.

Finally, we summarize the most important questions: How should the future kitchen be used, more for cooking or for eating? The available space would have to be exploited in the best possible way. The paths between the kitchen appliances and the furniture must also be considered. Which appliances have earned their place in the kitchen? Do you need a high number of them or do you manage with a small amount?

The purchase of a modern kitchen can be combined with a relatively high use of financial resources. Therefore, think about the most important ingredients in kitchen planning. Do not follow the current trend, rather pay attention to a kitchen design according to your own taste and with personal charm.

Kitchen gray designer furniture glass table glass chair

Designer kitchen in gray, where the glass furniture is a great eye-catcher

Kitchen design modern white fronts bar stool black blue

Large kitchens have the potential to become real dream kitchens

Large kitchen wooden table Eames chairs white

Easy-care surfaces and modern drawers and doors save you time and effort

Kitchen frosted glass wall cabinet high gloss countertops

Not to forget: the details make the overall impression

Kitchen gray poppy element counter orange

Complete the neutral wall color with a poppy, orange counter

Kitchen modern gabled roof wood look flooring

Kitchen with gabled roof - a strong trend in kitchen design

Kitchen island marble barstool wooden floor

Great contrast between wooden floor and marble island

Chic kitchen back wall herringbone pattern white silver

A high quality kitchen should inspire you for years every day again

Small kitchen floor tiles brick kitchen back wall

An interesting tiled mirror can spice up the otherwise small kitchen

Eclectic Kitchen Wine Rack Silver Dark Blue

Noble finishes and innovative appliances cost a good deal of money, so choose them carefully!

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