Modern Interior Design - Bring more color into play

Modern Interior Design - Bring more color into play

The color scheme is no easy task, because all colors are able to create the atmosphere in the apartment cozy and comfortable and to give the rooms a certain flair. When choosing one should be aware of the effect of a particular color and then start with the painting. Color experts have given us some tips.

Eclectic home design color choice modern interior design

Eclectic home design

There are some techniques how to discover the appropriate nuances. The color should look right in the corners of the room, both during the day and at dusk. To bright colors e.g. are overwhelming, so they should be balanced in places with different shades. It would be better if you could only use a few colorful shades in the room design as highlights.

Dining room color choice modern interior design

Chic designed dining room

The expressiveness of the colors can always be felt. A room with three or more dazzling nuances looks grandiose and by no means harmonious.

Color play colored accents color choice. Modern interior design

Enchanting play of colors - set interesting color accents in the ambience

Some colors create more space visually, others have the counter effect. There are also those that seem more alive and mobile. In order to achieve a degree of balance, a color concept is created during the planning. There are different shades and nuances (for example, orange is warm, blue is cool). Without the right contrast, the combinations in the different rooms of the apartment would be impossible.

Decor living room color selection contrast color choice modern interior design

Living room in country style - this color selection provides great contrasts in the room

Each color plays a key role in interior design.

Design color choice modern interior design

Modern interior design, created by interesting color selection

Light mood color choice modern interior design

Bright colors and a lot of light in this modern interior

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