Modern house design - photos to admire

Modern house design - photos to admire

Every one of us has probably been in this situation before: a reorganization is about to happen and we have so many unresolved questions in our heads! We really want to make our four walls modern and trendy, but can not decide what would be best in our case. For example, do we want to know what exactly characterizes modern home design? What are the characteristics of the current interior design? What is in and what must be gone? If you also ask these questions, then you have come to the right place, because in this article we want to show you and explain fascinating examples of modern interior design. Take a look at our creative tips and photos to admire and be inspired for your upcoming interior design in contemporary style!

First of all, we want to emphasize it very clearly: the modern interior design is totally different from the classic one. Here dominate clear design, simple shapes, straight lines! The contemporary apartments and houses obviously do not mind being in the spotlight. Most are furnished with great taste, show style and exude warmth and coziness. It is dominated by natural materials such as linen and jute, the furniture is slightly futuristic with curvy and geometric shapes, as wood is masterfully mixed with metal. Of course, there are other sublime fabrics such as marble and natural stone. But the contemporary modern interior is far removed from traditional interior design. A modern house knows no fear of colors. However, predominantly bright and pastel shades are preferred and strong contrasts are set in black and white. And the modern deco ideas are constantly being developed, so that you always stay up to date. Dramatic details and unusual shapes are simply a must in modern design. In addition, there is a well-developed trend that indoor living with the lingering outside to agree, so you get in good weather, a common open floor plan and fully exploits this. Lots of natural light and greenery everywhere in the home environment are the keys to happy living these days!

modern-device-dining room-ideas

Soft textiles, leather, wood, wood and metal - all this gives a sublime look

Decorating ideas-for-your-living room

A charming and stylishly designed living room is rare, right?

living room-deco-ideas

Beige with wood nuances - an unsurpassable mix

  • Modern interior design in the living room

Have you already looked at our first three photo examples? These symbolize the modern day Interior design in the living room. Spacious and airy, full of natural light should be the modern living room. Bright colors dominate the room, but contrasts in black are also in demand and in great demand. And the textures? They are as soft as possible and ensure maximum comfort. A room to fall in love with, right?

  • Modern interior design in the dining area

The dining area is almost always a part of the living room. This is not about the traditional dinette. The rooms are wide and in principle you have enough living space to let your imagination and creativity run wild. Stepless transitions from one zone to another are typical in modern home design. Wood shades and white make up the interior in the dining room. The lines are straight and clearly crossed, nothing superfluous is there to see. Even the most modern kitchen technology is hidden behind cabinet doors. The modern housewife has plenty of space and practical countertops to show off her cooking.

minimalist idea-design-extravagant

Clear, simple design that looks sublime


Designed with attention to detail

When we write about modern kitchens, we have to say right away that people today are not just satisfied with a kitchen-diner. If you can afford it, you will definitely need a special room for entertainment and complete relaxation. These rooms are equipped according to the latest technical standards, of course, with a large TV wall and many other extras. The decor is comfortable and very comfortable, often showing the luxury and high living standards of the owners.

modern-living room-decoration-ideas

Often placed in the basement or basement, the entertainment room is truly a retreat for modern people

It is well known to all of us that modern man likes to work from home. That's why his home office is now his very private realm. The home office tends to be more and more modern, but comfort and coziness are also important here.


If you work from home, you also need a modern home office

design-home-office-work table

I would love to work in this home office! And you?

But the very private paradise of modern man remains as before the bedroom. It exudes a lot of comfort, is in most cases romantically decorated and possibly executed in white. The modern bedroom is luxurious and very cozy at the same time. A space where you can really relax, forget the stress of everyday life and recharge your batteries for tomorrow.


The delicate atmosphere in the bedroom expresses your personal taste and style

The interior design of the nursery is carried out according to the already known rules of modern interior design. Unlike the other rooms, it may be colorful and colorful. The interior is specifically chosen to request the imagination and creativity of the little treasures.


The modern children's room must be spacious and colorful

And finally we came to bathroom design! Because the modern bathroom exceeds all expectations! It's just perfectly designed and has all kinds of extras. That's how the interior designers help us to enjoy the modern way of life. Glass and mirror surfaces characterize the contemporary bathroom, the perfect ambience is often complemented by delicate green plants. They stand as an interesting eye-catcher in the modern bathroom.


Wood and bright colors dominate in the modern bathroom, making it visually even more spacious


A bathroom where you can live!


Separate the zones and enjoy undisturbed your daily shower

And last but not least, we want to go back to the modern interior design Balcony or terrace received. Since you always strive in good weather to spend as long as possible outside in the fresh air, balcony and terrace are very important in the entire house design. Comfortable seating and practical flooring, preferably made of (teak) wood, are among the must-haves. Sun and privacy is always properly considered and designed class. Depending on your personal taste, you can place many green plants on the balcony that round off the outdoor atmosphere and make it even more attractive.

balcony-ideas-rattan balkonmobel

Enjoy the beautiful weather outside on the balcony and do not let the industrial city panorama disturb you!

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