Modern decorative planters for the home

Modern decorative planters for the home

Vases and small flower pots are among the most versatile accents in the interior. A decorative vase should not only be functional, but also contribute to the aesthetical interior design regardless of the trend. In this article we show you 15 such variants, which range from artistic to minimalist to surrealistic. So, if you are looking for unusual home accessories or the perfect housewarming gift, these vases of unmistakable shapes will captivate your attention. Do you want to know more about it? Stay with us and keep reading!

Thin magnet metal vase set underframe

The sleek, minimalist look of the thin metal vases is accentuated by a metallic base

We'll start with a real masterpiece right away! How can the stable balance of the long, thin vessels come about? The magnetic metal plate under the tablecloth keeps each vase upright.

Porcelain vase white giraffe design

Beautify your interior with animal patterns: here a porcelain vase with cute giraffe design

The animal motifs are a lot of fun in the interior. This time it's about a modern giraffe-shaped vase that even has a textured surface. Equipped with glossy glaze on the inside and outside, the vessel proves to be sturdy and waterproof.

Small porcelain vase astronaut white gold color

Beautiful, varied space motifs are guaranteed to attract attention

The so-called "Starman" is a cool type that everyone in the interior desires. It is extremely suitable for aerospace fans or pop art fans. The visor of the astronaut helmet decorated with thin gold layer is a pretty touch.

Vases greek amphora design asymmetric

Colorful vase collection inspired by Greek amphoras breaks every routine

Inspired by the ancient Greek architecture, these unusual matte ceramic vases are characterized by their asymmetrical handles. Original and eye-catching, the accessories would appear particularly elegant in arrangements with geometrical patterns.

Vases succulents black white lower body

Funny vase design for succulents and small plants

The planters from the series "Tushiez" are available in a 5-piece set. Thus, you enjoy these little lower body with their funny shapes regardless of season.

Decoration ceramic vase textured haptic gray white

Ceramic vase with the textured feel of thin bamboo tubes

This simple-looking ceramic vase has the fine structure of young bamboo canes. In addition to the gray and white color block, the accessory is also available in black and white.

Vase set of concrete wire minimalist

Minimalist forms and heavy material create an artistic contrast

The aptly named vase set "Weight Vase" brings the contrast between concrete and fine flowers into view. The straight wire in black enhances the dramatic effect of the pieces.

Take a look at the other unique models! From natural wood to colored glass, the flowing shapes of designer vases invite you to touch them.

Open pipeline illusion industrial style planter

Placed in the loft apartment, the accessory creates the illusion of open tube performance

Table vase pastel pink drop shape tulip shape

Fine-looking, pink vase in tulip shape is a true tribute to the spring

Minimalist Vase White Bookshelf Bookshelf

Sometimes the simple things exert great fascination: minimalist vase in book form

Slate black painted flower vase

Square vase with laminate layer on top of which you can paint or leave notes

Glass vase glass blowing handmade designer

Unique home accessories: mouth-blown glass vase is by its form a real eye-catcher

Designer vase set module multifaceted

In order to assemble floral arrangements according to personal preferences, the facet-like forms must fit together

Planters ceramic asymmetric circles

Asymmetric ceramic planter in futuristic design

Glass vases long handled cut flowers candle holder shape

Show individual long-stemmed cut flowers in full splendor

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