Modern and minimalist aesthetics in the interior - a stylish penthouse in Tel Aviv, designed by Studio Toledano + Architects

Modern and minimalist aesthetics in the interior - a stylish penthouse in Tel Aviv, designed by Studio Toledano + Architects

A modern penthouse in Tel Aviv, Israel was designed by Studio Toledano + Architects as a contemporary residential oasis. The two-storey 180 sqm attic apartment is complemented by a spacious terrace with an area of ​​80 sqm. In the exquisite ambience, the trendy look and cozy atmosphere are cleverly combined to transform into the dream home of a young family with children.

stylish penthouse living room open plan design staircase

The typical grain of walnut wood complements the straight forms in the living area

Gabrielle Toledano of Toledano + Architects has accepted the challenge of combining the privacy of the parents with the children's area so well that the space remains comfortable and functional. The designer was supposed to design a large-scale and modular living room that inspires to get together.

Concrete floor finely polished black metal staircase modern apartment

The concrete ceiling and the concrete floor can be very stylishly combined with the black and white ambience

The solution to this great challenge is clever planning of the space. At the lower level are the master bedroom and the children's area, both of which are shared by a modular and flexible living space for play and relaxation. On the upper level are the large, spacious kitchen, the living room and the roof terrace - a perfect ensemble in the interior, where the idea for fluid interior design without boundless walls was fully developed.

Bench upholstered interior design in a modern style

The upholstered benches are not only a comfortable seat, but also a practical storage solution.

The young family wanted a chic, yet playful and functional design for their home, where the whole family feels comfortable and everyone has their favorite corner. The design of the nursery entices to hours-long, amusing games, to learning. The imagination and creativity of the little ones are promoted by black chalk boards, built-in desks, colorful world maps, even a dance floor, which is very important for the proper development of children. This wood-paneled room looks very cozy and homely and small, colorful accents add to the cool atmosphere. In contrast, the living space on the other side of the apartment speaks its own design language and offers a minimalist modern aesthetic with clean lines in the classic color scheme of white, chatter and wood nuances.

small living room design ideas white furniture gray sofa

The bright living room offers beautiful views of Tel-Aviv

The living area features a beautiful complementary materials palette of genuine walnut, finely honed concrete and black steel. These textures are finely mixed and provide a contemporary and warm flair in the ambience. At the same time, the black design staircase with its fancy railing and the whimsical play of light and shadow that is formed here, acts as a dramatic work of art in the room. The natural light clearly enhances the character and depth of each element in the interior.

modern kitchen walnut pendant light black kitchen plate

Enough storage space in the cabinets ensures the best order in the kitchen every day

The spacious roof terrace has been laid with teak wood and offers a simple, cozy atmosphere. Great garden elements, such as natural stones and subtle plants, intertwine with various comfortable seating. Sliding glass doors separate the interior and exterior in a graceful, imperceptible manner.
Certainly you will fall in love with the modern look of this stylish penthouse apartment in Tel Aviv!

Design kitchen furniture in walnut trendy interior

Be brave and spice up the straight forms in the interior with extravagant design elements

functional children's room by Toledano + Architects wood paneling colorful staircase

The warm wood shades can be perfectly combined with red and yellow

colorful chairs in the nursery concrete floor modern penthouse

The little ones need their own living area

Bad design ideas in gray straight shapes

This bathroom design in gray enhances the stylish look of the straight forms

Terrace wood pergola seating fan wooden floor

Also on the terrace you can create a beautiful garden look

Pergola roof terrace plants on the terrace flooring wood

The succulents are appropriate for the mini garden on the terrace

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