Mirror wall Ideas that are all worthy of attention

Mirror wall Ideas that are all worthy of attention

In the In any case, you must not neglect the magic of the mirrors when designing your apartment. For example, you could place a bathroom mirror on so many different heights and surfaces! Design a whole mirror wall and admire its visual effect. Such a design also has hidden applications. Whether you stand on a modern wall-to-wall mirror, as shown in the picture, or on an oversized Venetian mirror design, the following rule applies in all cases: a carefully selected mirror can visually open the small room and make it bigger let appear. The mirror surface radiates additional light in the room and gives the ambience the finishing touch.


A mirrored wall in the bathroom makes this small room look much larger


Discover the magic of mirrors that transform a normal-looking bedroom into a true dream room

experiment Freeze with mirrors and admire the result! A wall paint in white and some strategically cleverly placed mirrors can make a real miracle in a small room. Take as an example this stylishly designed bedroom. It looks bright, tall and airy, especially through the use of mirror cabinet doors and everything else simply in bright white. Discover cool ways to bring a powerful dose of magic into your interior design - through mirrors! Well, now you are curious, right? Yes, the best picture examples will follow soon!

mirror wall-bathroom

A mirror wall makes the very narrow toilet visually look bigger

If you only have a very tight toilet, this is no reason to despair. Your toilet could look bigger if you cover a whole wall with mirrors there. First then you would not feel restricted in this small room. And for sure, because such a mirror wall always works well everywhere!

mirror wall-cool-design-ideas

A beverage bar can be extended just as easily - through a floor to ceiling mirror wall

This photo shows cool Design ideas for a drink bar with a built-in sink, dark wood wall cabinets and a brown backboard. The tiled back wall and the wooden floor complete the aesthetic look.

point-wande-dining room-mirror-wall-ideas

Where does this impressive visual effect come from in this dining room? What do you mean?

These s picture example is undoubtedly one of our favorite photos. The blue velvet shines in the light of the white walls and an antique mirror reflects these visual effects. The velvet chairs are covered in navy blue and indigo and the amazing visual effect will shift them. Or maybe not only?

luxury-ideas-living room-mirror wall

Dress the niche wall with mirrors and admire the visual effect throughout the room

If you can not make a mirror wall in your interior, try using certain wall surfaces. The niche wall could also be effectively covered with mirrors. So you get a small mirror wall, it perfectly reflects the light and creates the illusion of depth in space.

design-for-bathroom mirror-

The visual size of the room and the magnificent view of the green outside let us dream of this bath

What do we have here? A bright and inviting bathroom and toilet in one. The room is with one rounded large mirror wall, which visually maximizes its size. And what do we ultimately have? A bathroom to fall in love with!

mirror-with-metal frame-living room-deco-ideas

A very interesting designed living room with a wall full of mirrors in metal frame

This design idea is also remarkable, are you also of this opinion? numerous Metal-framed mirrors provide an easy way to introduce metallic flashes into your decoration. Choose a simple silver frame if your wall surface is not large. But are you aiming for a state-of-the-art design? Then opt for a lavish gold design if your decor is traditional or glamorous. This room has several sources of inspiration hidden if you need some incentive for your room design.

wall design-corridor-mirror wall

The mirror wall in the hall reinforces the light effect of the elegant lamp there on the narrow table

Always think about the very well Location where you want to design your mirror wall. For example, the entrance hall is traditionally not very spacious, so it could be visually enlarged. Yes, and if a beautiful lamp is placed there on a narrow dresser or a narrow table, it would be perfectly appropriate to emphasize its effect through a mirrored wall. Then you can expect better lighting in the corridor.


The cleverly placed mirror wall has created a bedroom to fall in love with

Sometimes You have a really tiny room, so you do not know exactly how this can be set up. But there's a cool trick to putting mirror magic in there and making it look much bigger than it actually is. The picture example shows that very well. Here you have visually enlarged the bedroom by mirror wall and achieved an excellent design. So, the logical conclusion is: Do not underestimate the design possibilities of the mirror wall and treat yourself to a great sense of space in your own four walls!

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