Minimalist christmas decoration with succulents - instructions step by step

Minimalist christmas decoration with succulents - instructions step by step

The minimalist and modern interior design requires completely new strategies for the Christmas decoration. The succulents have proven to be a particularly useful material for this type of design. In the following lines you will learn how to make a decorative wall wreath out of these.
The necessary materials
For one Türkranz From succulents, you first need a pad. Furthermore, you need a certain amount of moss, with which you fill the holes of the pad. Of course, it depends on the good selection of succulents. Suitable species are aloe, thick-leaf and others that together make up an appearance that is full of different colors and textures.

Cover the area you are working on with a piece of paper and immerse the wreath pad in water for ten minutes. If you want to hang the wreath, attach a flower binder to its back.
Now remove the succulents from their pots and remove the soil from each root system.

coronary pad-succulent

Prepare everything before starting the project

Plan your design by arranging the succulents in a circle of similar size to the one you are actually crafting.

Drill holes

coronary pad-hole-burrow

Very carefully you have to drill holes in the wreath pad

Drill holes in the pad with a screwdriver or other tool. The goal is to make room in the soil and the moss for the root system of the succulents. For more space you can cut the net around the hole with scissors.
After you have put the roots in the wreath, you can now cover these again with moss. To attach the root system even more, you should apply floral brooches around the roots. This part of crafting succulents is very important for the construction to last for several weeks. It can last up to a few weeks without falling apart.
The succulent wreath "lives" and you have to take care of it accordingly. Once a week you should leave it in the water for fifteen minutes. Of course you can do that more often if it feels too dry. In order for this Christmas decoration to be alive for a long time, it should be hung or placed in a place where the sun shines for at least a few hours.

succulent-mount-coronary pad-mount

The succulents must then be attached to the wreath pad and fastened

Why a door wreath and Christmas decorations from succulents?
The first advantage is obviously the current appearance, which even suits a minimalist and ultra-modern home well. It fits well into the formal language of these styles and enriches them with texture and colors. In addition, this decoration is alive, refreshing the air and a great project for plant lovers.

The door wreath of succulents is original and through such a project you can teach your children new DIY skills.


A great DIY project that you can realize together with your children

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