Main features of the living room furniture

Main features of the living room furniture

The final look of a living room fixture largely depends on the layout of your home. The multifunctional use of this space is already considered in the planning. Do you have a separate family room? Then the living room would serve as a guest reception or as a retreat for reading, relaxing and entertaining. The only focus of family life is a living room for watching TV, playing and being together.

If you are planning to remodel the rooms at home, first determine the destination of each room. Would you like to have a formal living room or rather a casual living environment? Regardless of its function, every successful living space should be equipped with some basic features: a comfortable sofa, coffee table and dedicated center (for example, wood-burning stove or entertainment center). Read on and collect useful tips for designing your family living room.

How do you design a modern living room?

There is no magic recipe for the living room furniture. First, your family and guests should feel comfortable in the room. Secondly, the available space is functionally adapted to everyday life. Usually you either opt for a neutral color combination or boldly set up with bold colors. A balanced color concept would rather fit the interior. If you choose neutral colors for the large pieces of furniture (such as sofas, armchairs or cushions), you bring harsh nuances in the form of modern home accessories into play. In contrast, a "statement piece" would come out against a cautious background properly.

Other visual accents in the living room include home textiles such as carpets and curtains. In addition to their original role, these home accessories serve as decorative elements. Proper lighting is another important factor. Are you able to install accent lighting on the wall units or are you just using table and floor lamps? The sleek designs and high-quality materials make today's lighting fixtures real eye-catchers in the room. Is there a piece of furniture that you would like to put into perspective? A targeted light fulfills exactly this task: Attach one or two recessed spotlights above the estimated work of art. Forget to equip your reading corner with a suitable lamp. The wall color strongly influences the visual perception of a room. The living room with little natural light would benefit from a light, airy wall paint.

Eclectic living room fireplace leather furniture oriental rug

Modern interpretation of the former living room - in the so-called "good room" the family came together around the fireplace

Main features of the living room furniture

Creating a cozy atmosphere with the help of soft colors and plenty of natural light

Designer living room design entertainment area coffee table

Individual demands on the living room design determine the design

Gray corner sofa scandinavian style geometric pattern

Spacious sofa in light gray offers itself as an eye-catcher furniture

Living room classic design moss green gray

Luxurious living room with high ceilings in retro style

Small living room minimalist white modern

Different seating give the small living room communicative character

Designer apartment Seating leather chair

Consistent color concept compensates for the effect of eclectic objects

Luxury living space under the roof city view

The good lighting contributes to the comfort in the luxurious living room

When is the fully equipped living room really needed?

The living rooms were formerly considered formal entertainment rooms for guests. The family rooms were the place for common everyday activities such as relaxing, playing games or watching TV. Today, most families have a single large room that performs all of these functions.

If you want a separate living room for guests and have enough space for it, then you can put together a trendy living room with the necessary accessories. Then you can organize a real cocktail hour for entertainment without being distracted by the TV. What else do you need? A drinks trolley on wheels, a luxurious wood-burning stove, a fireplace console - these are classic ingredients in setting up an entertainment room without electronics in it.
If your goal is day-to-day functionality, complete the room design with a modular sofa, TV cabinet and extra seat cushions. Finally, a room design should meet their own needs.

Dark living room gray corner sofa abstract mural

Set accents with deco, murals and home textiles such as carpets and blankets

Minimalist living room White modular sofa

Modern sofa landscape forms the central focus and helps to create a coherent overall composition

Chic living room design textured large mural

The place to feel good: Create a centerpiece of sofa, armchair, carpet and mural

Traditional living room design white coffee table

Choose home accessories wisely

Roof living room pedestal open house library

Use the wall surface cleverly and embellish it with a home library

Colorful living room eclectic red side table

Colored home accessories in red, green, blue and beige make for a striking variety

Furnishing idea Living room with skylight Minimalism

Floor-to-ceiling windows and arranged seating arrangements encourage guests to linger

Small living room frame pop color yellow gray

Striking colors: dark upholstered sofa comes with bright yellow particularly good effect

Which types of furniture are practical?

The multifunctional living room should have versatile furniture to be suitable for all day-to-day activities. Do you feel a lack of space? In this case, get enough wall shelves, cabinets and drawers as irreplaceable storage space. The built-in furniture is characterized by its stability and space-saving features. Custom solutions are perfect, but can be costly. Do not you like the look of the built-in furniture? Then you start working on it in small steps: set up an entertainment center or a television table to store electronics and accessories. A bookshelf would also be a practical solution: beautify it with books, framed pictures and little things. A work or multi-functional table would be great for crafting or doing homework. A windowsill quickly turns into your favorite place to read and relax.

The seating in the modern living room ranges from small accent chairs to modular furniture. Pay attention to the space: an XXL sofa has no place in the small room. It can even disturb the traffic through the room. A seating furniture would have to accommodate all family members at once, and have 1-2 additional seats. An obvious coffee table for snacks and drinks is a must.

The living room is the center of the apartment and a place for a cozy get-together. Adapt this space to the different needs of family members and skillfully design it as the place to receive visitors. Take enough time to put together the right furniture and accessories. Hopefully, our ideas motivated you!

Modern eat-in kitchen in three separate areas

Clever combination of patterns in the colorful kitchen

Retro living feeling modern luxurious living room

Classic living room furniture with a few color accents

Wall panels built-in fireplace modular upholstered sofa

Combine tones of a color family

Creatively designed living room green kidney sofa

Art with expressive patterns on individual wall pieces is always eyecatching!

Living room color contrast black wall color flash home accessories

A fireplace console works wonders

Classic living room design beige sofas marble side table

Beautiful contrast form; The carpets hold individual areas together

Living room with retro wardrobe TV lowboard

Find the right height and location for the TV

Subtle colors Living room Parquet floor Coffee table Real wood

Gentle colors of nature determine the discreet spatial effect

Modern designer living room high ceilings

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