Living room set up - set the right accents for a cozy atmosphere

Living room set up - set the right accents for a cozy atmosphere

The living room is t the heart of every apartment. Much happens in this room - we welcome our friends, we relax with an interesting read in our hands or watch TV with the whole family. Their most important task is to create a cozy and cozy atmosphere. An absolute must for the functional living room are the upholstered seating, a great color concept and harmonious textiles, the right light and practical furniture. Then you should choose textures and materials related to the purpose of the room. If you have done all this, but your finished living room seems a little unfinished, we have the right solution for you. Use the right accents in the living room for a cozy and finished look. The accent itself does not have such a great effect, it should be seen from the perspective of the context of interior design. With uniform colors, too many patterns and poorly harmonizing nuances, the room will look chaotic. In order to avoid this often occurring mistake in the interior design, we have compiled a picture gallery full of ideas for you. In it you will find living room examples in different style. You can convince yourself that even a cool accent can change the look of the living room. Take a look at the great pictures and read our clever tips on how to set the right accents in the living room.

living room-set-black-white-industrial-style-flechthocker

The classic concept of black and white is a good idea for your living room

living room-set-red-standing lamp-accent-industrially

The massive red floor lamp in industrial style is a strong accent in this living room

modern-living-classical set-hearth-wood paneling

Wood can be ideally paired with pastel shades and can be a fancy accent in the living room

red-sofa-living room-set-modern-hearth

Add a strong color accent in the living room and complement its charisma with smaller decorations in the same color

modern-loft-living room-set-yiegelwand-industrial-roof schrage

Brick wall and beams together form an industrial ambience in the living room

ceiling-window-glass table-living room-set-design-lamp

You can spice up the simplicity in the living room furniture with fancy textiles - decorative pillows, carpet, upholstery, etc.

carpet-light gray-living room-set-modern camel-upholstery

Select patterns on the carpet transform it into a stylish accent in the living room

wall covering-wood-living room-set-dark gray-ambiente-fireplace

Wall paneling in dark wood shades above the fireplace creates a sophisticated look in the living room

geometric carpet-chess-living room-set-mural

Stylish mural as a trendy accent in the living room

roof schrage-living room-set-wood-deco-bar

Do not cover the existing beams - they emphasize the robust appearance of the living room

pastelltone-living room-set-modern-colorful-carpet-armchair-sofa

Modern color accents in the living room - deco pillows and carpet

minimalist living room-set-blue-chair-murals

Creating a minimalist living room is not a difficult thing

side table-pink sofa-leather stool-carpet-living room-set

Brilliant romantic atmosphere in the living room created by upholstered furniture in old rose

living room-set-boho-accents-wood-armchair-wall shelves

Simple living room with subtle boho accents

Black-standing lamp-living room-set-side table-pig-industrial-flugel

Create an industrial look in the living room with murals, floor lamps and simple wall design

living room-modern set-color accents and yellow-stehlampe-colorful-garland

The colorful accents in the living room greatly change the modest look in neutral colors

living room rustic-set-country style-panoramic windows-herd-wood cladding

The rustic living room exudes warmth

living room-set-Scandinavian-deco vase-sky blue murals sofa

The unusual upholstery fabrics transform the seating into cool accents in the living room

Scandinavian-device-living room-set-open-wall shelves-white-chair-side table and white

Arrange your things on the wall shelf beautifully and let it act as an exciting accent in the living room

design-living-set gray-wall design-round-stool

Stylish living room design in white and delicate gray

design-Scandinavian-living room-set-chair-fireplace-wall-deco

Wall design with wallpaper - a wall with large floral designs will be the cool highlight in the living room

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