Living room lamps - that certain something in the interior design

Living room lamps - that certain something in the interior design

The modern living room must be designed so that every family member feels most comfortable there. As you know, after the last trends in interior design, the living room is a multifunctional space, where different areas are separated. Read or drink coffee? Watching TV or cuddling on the soft couch? Maybe with a glass of wine in your hand want to reduce the stress of everyday life? Everyone has their favorite pastime during their free time. The modern living room offers the necessary cozy atmosphere, where everyone could pursue their favorite pastime. To make this possible, you need to pay special attention to the lighting in the living room when designing your room. She plays a significant role in creating a modern ambience. In the following we want to prove this thesis and you modern living room lamps present.

Living room lamps modern

Subtle ceiling lighting and targeted light from the arc lamp make this living room look quite trendy

You can currently find a diverse range of living room lamps in specialist shops. There is always something special for every style and taste. Before buying a lamp, first think about where to place it and what function it can perform. Do you need diffused or targeted light in your living room? Hanging lamps, spotlights or floor lamps what would you prefer? We just want to advise you to integrate three to five luminaires into the living room design. That is enough to illuminate the whole room effectively. So you can easily form atmospheric islands of light or set striking light accents. Dimmable lamps are also recommended, because with these you can easily adjust the light intensity, depending on your personal needs and preferences.

Lighting ideas for the living room

Create contrasts through colors and lighting

The modern design of the living room lamps gives you great freedom in interior design. You can choose between different models, shapes and colors and find the right one for your home. At the moment the floor lamps are doing really well, because the elegant arc lamps are in great competition with them. Both living room lamp models introduce an elegant touch into the ambience and provide enough light for each occupation. Of course, you can opt for a pendant or a chandelier and combine them with two chic floor lamps, so that they are in a colorful and creative harmony. In this way, you create visual harmony and balance in the living room, which further enhances its cosiness and charm.

Living room ideas ceiling light

Invite nature into the living room and its visual balance and cosiness

Yes, we have written at the beginning of this article the living room lamps are an important design element in the largest and most multifunctional room at home. Now you are certainly convinced, right?

Browse our picture gallery and get more inspiration for a modern interior design with elegant living room lamps!

elegant floor lamp

An elegant floor lamp next to the sofa is a must in the living room.

living room lamp

This floor lamp with articulated arm is in visual harmony with the living room furniture

modern living room lamps designs

In a colorful ambience, the targeted light is very important.

Living room lamps Design Lamp

Pure sublimity: The classic color combination black and white helps you to set contrasts

Modern chandelier

a modern chandelier hangs above the middle of the room.

Pendant light with a black lampshade

This pendant lamp with black lampshade matches the coffee table made of glass and black painted wood.

Modern wall light

Modern wall lamp with long arm ensures targeted light over the couch

floor lamp living room

Elegant floor lamp illuminates the darkest corner of the room

modern living room lamps floor lamp side table

A modern floor lamp on the side table completes the room design

Living room lamps modern design

Elegant living room design in white with modern arc lamp

Living room lamp design lamp dining lamp

A dark gray arc lamp and a white floor lamp complete the modern room design

Living room ideas living room lamps

Gray-white interior with purple accents

Design floor lamp white living room lamp

Floor lamp with articulated arm for directional light in the living room

nice living room lamps

Chic floor lamps in gray spice up the old dresser

Lighting ideas for the living room cool living room lamps

Just in a dark living room you need the right lighting

elegant floor lamp modern living room ideas

Stylish and very elegant a living room in gray

ceiling light living room

Snow-white furniture and white hanging lamps stand out against the dark background

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