Living room ideas or how you can design your personal oasis of well-being

Living room ideas or how you can design your personal oasis of well-being

What is your favorite room at home? Where do you prefer to spend your time alone, with family or friends? The answer to these questions clearly shows it - the living room is the heart of every home! Most homeowners worldwide feel most comfortable in their living rooms. For this reason, it is endeavored to make this room as comfortable as possible, so that it offers its residents many opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. This is not always an easy task, because in most cases, the very different needs of each family member meet in the living room. Read an exciting book or play with the kids? Watching TV or a bottle of wine discuss an interesting topic? The center of each apartment has to meet all these requirements (and certainly many more!). Especially in the living room, the family comes together after every stressful working day. In this room, each member of the family wants to exchange experiences and emotions in a relaxed atmosphere, simply switch off or relax in peace and quiet. And if we had to briefly characterize the living room, we would definitely say: yes, that should be a multifunctional space! This definition makes it even more difficult to set up a modern living room. But if you have the right design concept, everything will be easier. We want to help you in this regard and today present some creative and practical ideas for the living room!

modern living room-living room ideas

The modern living room must be a spacious room where the family likes to come together

• Create a uniform design concept

First, of course, you have to determine the main function of the living room. Only after you have done that, you can design a suitable interior design concept. Very often, the contemporary living room is also the largest room in the apartment, so that one can separate there individual functional areas. Try to visually separate the TV area from the reading area. Or the children's play area of ​​the dining area. You can achieve this easily with matching furniture and attractive color design. Also put some visual accents in the room, which immediately attract attention. A beautiful high-pile carpet in front of the flat screen invites you to amusing cinema evenings. A comfortable armchair next to the bookcase and an elegant arc lamp will motivate you to read easily. The smallest details usually reveal your style and taste and reveal your individuality. Focus on the furniture and the color scheme in the room and try to create a harmonious whole. So you can find out more about the latest trends for 2017 in the living room design, you can do the same here click. And if you are looking for modern and comfortable furniture and living room ideas for your home, you can join miaVilla see where you can find something suitable for every taste and style.

TV wall living room ideas

The TV wall is not immediately apparent, the undisputed center here is the comfortable corner sofa.

living room design carpet coffee table living room ideas

Put a few colored accents here and there in the room and break through the monochrome look!

• Set up with attention to detail

There are a few small things that make up the atmosphere in the living room. That is why our special tip is: set up the heart of your four walls with attention to detail! For example, a wall mirror can visually increase your living space, making your home more comfortable and brighter. The decoration in this room is also very important. Decorative cushions on the comfortable sofa, which are color coordinated and a soft pouf in matching color certainly fall on the same. A great arrangement of vases or candlesticks adds a personal touch to your living room and transforms it into your home!

Decoration on the coffee table living room ideas

This simple but stylish decoration on the coffee table can not go unnoticed

Green houseplant living room ideas

Cosiness and sophistication: Green houseplants complete the modern room look

If you have a green thumb, you can prove or at least suggest it in the living room. Place here and there in the room a few beautiful indoor plants that bring a lot of green and freshness into the room and round off the interior. And do not forget the right lighting! Cleverly designed standing or arc lamps, pendant luminaires or ceiling spotlights would make the living room atmosphere even more special. Diffused or directional light, you can choose depending on your preferences and preferences. We can only advise you, put special eye-catchers in the living room clearly in scene by illuminating exactly these elements in the room design properly. A mural or elegant statuette can turn you into the highlights of the interior. Because the beauty is in the smallest details. And each of us strives to have a cozy and very comfortable living room at home, right?

We wish you a lot of fun and good luck in the design of your living room. Follow our interior design ideas and you could not go wrong!

dining ideas elegant living room ideas

The interior of your home reflects your personality

Living room with corner couch-living room ideas

A cozy reading corner is a necessity for many homeowners in the living room

Children's play-living room ideas

Separate the children's play area visually and integrate appropriate lighting there!

Living room set up ideas in white black

The classic color duo black and white is very popular in the living room interior.

Colorful decorative pillows and green house plants living room ideas

Colorful decorative cushions and green houseplants steal the show here!

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