Living idea: noble accents in rose gold

Living idea: noble accents in rose gold

With pink rose petals you can finally cover the decor. What is missing? The golden color, because only she can give the rosé the water. This color combination is just fantastic.
Take a look at our selection of selected decorative items, which will help you create trendy highlights in your home (and everyday) design. Put on the pink glasses, please:

These English books were bound on the spine with shiny patent leather in rose gold. The matching handmade paper on the book cover and back gives the finishing touch.

Bookbinding rose gold shiny metallic patent leather

Luxuriously presenting books in the home library

This is a glitter pillow made of silk. Imagine something better? This great, shiny accessory could contrast with the rest of the interior or complete it in complete contrast. It may be that such a decorative cushion reflects the characteristics of women: glamorous, playful, feminine. Beautify the sofa, armchair or bed with this delicate nuance.

Metallic shimmering decorative cushions chic rose gold

Feminine deco element for the favorite sofa

A retro furniture in rose gold tone can contribute to the wow effect in the interior design.

Metal chair industrial vintage glossy rose gold

A real eye-catcher among the dining room furniture

The candlesticks help us to achieve a romantic, relaxed and noble atmosphere at home. Make these home accessories in subtle rose colors on different surfaces and transform the effect of a room with the lighting of a match.

Candlestick scented candle glass round

Enjoy the glowing, warm light of the scented candle in a pleasant living environment

Vintage nice-to-haves stand out from the rest of the interior. Enhance the look of your rooms with unique decorative items, such as these rose gold frame wall mirrors.

Wall mirror roségolden frame lush

These effective home accessories would be sufficient as a mere decoration in the hallway

Effortlessly organize your home with this diamond-shaped basket. Is it necessary to mention the apparent royal note at all? This stylish organization helper could be put into every room and every surface in the kitchen for practical use.

Designer fruit basket diamond shape metal rose gold

The perfect storage option to put your decor in the right light

Fine cuts such as these high-quality coasters in rose gold make a lot of. Such accents are used in a budget-friendly and style-defining way in the home design.

Home accessories Coasters glossy rose gold

Equip your side table with these eye-catching table accessories

Rose gold table top deco ribbon wedding

Bring rose gold as a delicate deco ribbon into the table decoration

Cake server rose gold wedding table accessories

Cake server with a unique, elegant design

Notebook pink gold metallic finish

The eye-catching cover invites creative writing and diary entries

Decorative lantern glass metal rose gold

Wonderful decoration for the Shabby Chic with lanterns and fairy lights

Cutlery set Place setting stainless steel rosegolden

Dine in a good style with a rose gold table setting

Pendant light aluminum noble rose gold

Lighting fixture with classic, effective shimmer

Side table designer marble metal rose gold

Elegant side table, which is intended as a storage area for works of art or botanical plants

Work table lamp copper marble

Decorative table lamp with a classic look and modern shape

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