Leo annual 2017 horoscope and the influence of the Fire Rooster

Leo annual 2017 horoscope and the influence of the Fire Rooster

The lions are undoubtedly the lucky children of the zodiac! They would not notice the New Year's Eve right away, because last year they gave their fiery nature a good time and thought it would continue! Yes, on the whole they are right, because a new, successful and soulful year is ahead of them. From 28.01. In 2017 she takes the fire cock under his protection! Dear Lions, this year you have a lot of patience and perseverance, because fate will follow you at every step. It will all happen so wonderfully, depending on your wish, so you can put on the pink glasses at the end of January and see the world in soft colors. In February, you will come across very interesting and extraordinary ideas that will surprise your bosses with suggestions for improvement. A steep career and secure salary increase are inevitable. Of course there is hard work on your part.

Your Privacy 2017 is as interesting as your professional life. The already awarded lions will enjoy the coziness of their own four walls and the presence of their loved ones. Singles are faced with many new flirts, so the sky orakelt. The lions value their freedom quite high, but this year the situation could change. In the last few months of 2017, many Lion-Born have a life-decision. Some will give their yes-word to the loved one.

Horoscope Leo

Many Lion-born will find great love this year and soon after marry

In the job In the spring, the lions will develop their talents for the financial sphere. They are earning more than enough this season so they have the money for important shopping and entertainment. Their finances will continue to increase over the next few months. Their instinct and inner feeling tell the lions interesting businesses that they can only profit from. Some representatives of this zodiac will engage in advertising, others will get higher positions in the job, and the third group will be very successful in finance. You just have to make the first step, then everything goes as you wish! They make new, interesting acquaintances with influential people in politics and their contacts with them guarantee you years of advancement in business and in society.

years of promotion in the business society is inevitable

Years of advancement in business and society are inevitable

The Love horoscope The lion looks good too! New dates and exciting love stories await you in the new year, especially in summer. If you feel constricted, contact trusted people, close family members, for example, and be well advised. In autumn, the lions do not have to sell their pink glasses, because fate has many nice surprises ready for them. They are extremely fashion conscious and will be back in October and November to look at their elegant look. Look for small changes in your appearance that have a big effect. You succeed in any case and you will impress the other sex even more deeply. Our tip is: give your partner more freedom and forget any jealousy! That would be much better for everyone!

Love horoscope lion attraction charm on the opposite sex

Their effect on the opposite sex doubles this year!

you Health horoscope It looks like you have to spend the whole year in perfect balance and inner harmony. Very nice people in your close circle of friends will make a certain contribution. Actively doing sports is part of your dynamic nature. Some tennis lessons per week or the daily jogging guarantee you best health and a lot of variety all year long. Avoid using alcohol and cigarettes and sparing your liver. The lions will again pay enough attention to their healthy diet in 2017. A healthy night sleep for up to 8 hours is recommended for all lions. Consider such hobbies as meditation and plant care and you will find your inner peace.

We wish all lions a successful and happy 2017!

Lion Dynamic Nature Active Sports Tennis play a few times

The dynamic nature of the lions includes active sports activities. A few tennis lessons per week are only recommended.

Daily jogging good physical condition promotes good health

The daily jogging keeps you in good condition and promotes your health.

no smoking no cigarettes anymore bad habits

Break off with old harmful habits!

a healthy night sleep 8 hours a must for good health

An 8-hour night sleep is a must for the lions!

Meditation interesting hobby leisure sense

Meditation and an interesting hobby would fill your free time with new charm!

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