Kitchen with sloping roof? Yes, please.

Kitchen with sloping roof? Yes, please.

An attic room offers so many design possibilities that their choice can really be a headache for many homeowners. Bedroom or study, library, storeroom or home fitness? The room with sloping ceilings could have many faces. How would you like an open kitchen system on the roof?

Attic kitchen country style wood paneling

In the attic can create a fantastic kitchen

In the furnished room under the roof is due to the large roof and side windows felt no lack of light. Does the situation look different for you? Place a sufficient number of lighting fixtures on the ceiling and walls. An additional roof window can be installed in the roof pitch.
An imposing roof space makes it possible to set up an open-plan kitchen. Divide the available space into individual areas using different floor coverings, lighting fixtures or partitions.

Modern kitchen roof space functional area

Align the functional area according to the respective incidence of light

The sloping roof could reduce the storage options reasonably. But this can be made good again by means of suitable furniture systems.

Eat-in-kitchen attic optically area division

The large eat-in kitchen optically divided into individual areas

Your rooftop kitchen will have a unique character. Since it should be adapted to the existing space, you will hear more of the comfort and home atmosphere. In addition, do not underestimate the effect of low-priced light: in the form of recessed spotlights, LED lighting or floor lamps.

Kitchen under roof pitch bright colors

Feel good factor through bright colors

The kitchen design is a matter of taste. Therefore choose suitable furniture and accessories according to your personal preferences. Take home-style ideas from the country-house style and put home accents like labeled signs, small mason jars or decorative spice jars. Get inspiration from the look of old farmhouse kitchens. A rake or hoe from the garden could even hang from the ceiling next to the pot rack. The variants are limitless.

Attic gable roof large kitchen roof beams wood

Natural roof beams increase the roof space

Would you like to bring home a piece of nature? Arrange a bonsai dish or get some decorative houseplants. The more attention and time you give to kitchen design, the more comfortable your kitchen will look under the roof!

Kitchen luxury loft cozy atmosphere

Create a homely atmosphere on the roof

What do you think, have we stimulated your imagination and creativity with these fairytale living examples?

Modern kitchen under gable roof made to measure storage space

Plan storage space under the roof slope

Roof window loft apartment kitchen living modern

Natural daylight flows in through the large skylights in the kitchen

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