An attic in New York, decorated in modern industrial design. Free space exists without the limitations of traditional day-to-day architecture. The design includes various modules, such as the continuous surfaces that are an element of the design. We show you the new exhibition space, produced by Kerakoll Design House for the Cersaie 2015 Fair in Bologna.

Concrete look in used look and cement floor Minimalist design

Concrete look in used look and cement floor

In the photos we see a flexible habitat. In the various areas - from the living room and kitchen to the dining room, to the bedrooms and bathrooms - this effect has been achieved through the selected colors WR00, WR01, WR02 and WR03 of the "Warm Collection". The completely neutral architectural space actually represents a modern home, thanks to the use of these colors and materials: parquet flooring in Microresina®, Cementoflex®, Cementoresina® and LegnoNat® creates a lively atmosphere, while the pale wall paints in Paint®, Patina®, Wallpaper ®, Wallcrete®, Microresina Wall®, Cementoresina Wall®, LegnoNat® and Legno + Color® visually enlarge any room and provide more light, depth and width in the room.

Concrete look and modern bathroom furniture-bathroom design

Concrete look and modern bathroom furniture

Kerakoll Design House is the natural evolution of Kerakoll as part of their interior design business. Under the direction of Mr. Piero Lissoni materials, textures and colors are in harmony with each other and at the same time create a complex harmony of colors and fabrics. The rooms blend visually and the walls seem to disappear: floors and flooring, furniture, decorative items, lighting and heating contribute to a perfect room look. This is an interesting, previously unused idea for home, the hallmark of a powerful and distinctive personality. The interiors are completely hand painted and decorated to the taste of the residents. The innovative ecological surfaces are of exquisite aesthetic quality and show distinct craftsmanship.

Designer furniture minimalist decor-industrial design

Designer furniture in minimalist decor

Living room furniture and wooden floor in black-deco living room

Living room furniture and wooden floor in black

Scandinavian design furniture for the bedroom

Scandinavian design

Simple bathroom in white modern bathroom design

Simple bathroom in white

Modern minimalist sink kitchen planning

Modern minimalist sink

Kitchen island and floor tiles in white-modern kitchen equipment

Kitchen island and floor tiles in white

Kerakoll Design House is a new alternative company that can refresh the design concept in-house. This is an interior design project created from ten innovative materials. These include cement and resin as jointless floor coatings and surfaces such as Cementoresina®, Cementoflex® and ementocrudo®; up to parquet Legno + Color® in three sizes - small, medium and large; Surfaces microresina® - Wallcrete® и Wallpaper®; Decorative paints - PAINT®, Patina®, Decor® and finally the Invisibile® skirting boards. The products are executed in ten warm and fascinating colors from the Warm collection.

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