It is high time you take care of your balcony plants

It is high time you take care of your balcony plants

Selected plants beautify our balconies in the warm months. In addition to their beautiful appearance, they serve as a sunscreen and block unwanted glances on the part of passers-by. Which green plants are suitable for fresh air outdoors and how to take care of them, you will learn in this article.

Plant variety suitable south balcony sun

Some plant varieties grow better in sunny locations than others

Petunia plants tzotz Hite vigorous durable

The petunias as balcony plants bloom all summer long

Plant Pots Petunia sunny balcony multicolored flowering

In summer they need a lot of water and also fertilizer

The southern balcony can be an inconvenient place for your flowerpots. In particular, the space behind a glazed facade is constantly exposed to the glaring sun. The water in the potting soil evaporates quickly and the flowers wither.

However, there are plant varieties with good chances to survive on the southern balcony:

Petunia flowering balcony plant care

Petunias are among the classics of balcony flowers

The Petunia (Petunia) are very well known and popular ornamental plants. Their fully flowered flowers we see in April and enjoy this view until October.

The petunia varieties are numerous: one or two colors, spotted or striped. Their color palette ranges from snow white to yellow and red to violet. The daily watering in the summer is desired because these plants like water. These balcony plants alone make for great color accents on your balcony.

Magic bell bellflower summer plant

The magic bells are suitable for balcony planting

Zauberglöckchen flower box terrace white red purple

Sea of ​​flowers in many shades on the sunny terrace

Zauberglöckchen abundance of flowers outdoor sunny

If possible, pour the magic bells with lime-free water

The magic bells (Calibrachoa ) are just as robust and flowering as the petunias. The bell flowers are smaller than those of the petunias. Strong, warm nuances of this balcony plant range from yellow, orange-yellow, orange, red, red-violet to violet.

The magic bells are water loving, but need a careful casting. Their tender roots do not like a lot of water, root rot must be avoided at all costs.

Hanging Pelargonium Ivy Pelargonium Plant species Warm Location

The pretty pelargonium in pink or maroon are a natural insect repellent

The ivy geraniums (Pelargonium peltatum) Another option for your southern balcony or the sunny terrace. These flowers have small, brightly glowing single flowers, as well as bushy shrubs. Their typical pleasant scent is perceived when rubbing the flowers.

Portulaca species Porcupine summer flower single-leaved

Purslane florets can stand in a sunny spot in the open air

Portulaca grandiflora only reach six inches high, but have colorful, silky flowers in white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. They like mild, warm climate and a dry location.

This plant has succulent properties, i. it can store moisture in its roots for a long time. Because of this, they do not need to be watered regularly. The good drainage is at the Po Porcupine flowers very important.

The propagation is easy. Then enjoy the plants with their beautiful flowers all year round.

The small-sized Leberbalsam (Ageratum) comes from tropical countries and can therefore withstand higher temperatures. The good watering, as well as a fertilization every two weeks once are recommended.

The magnificent flower heads can be colored from white, pink to blue. For two summers, the pretty liver balm would decorate your south balcony.

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