Institutional trends for 2016

Institutional trends for 2016

"Become who you are" - advises us the positive psychology, because in every person is something special, something remarkable. And when you experience your individuality freely, you are happy too. There is no right or wrong, as well as the prospects for the coming year. 2016 sets a special trend in home furnishings and leaves plenty of room for the development of one's own personality. It becomes individual, free and colorful - according to Pippi's Longstocking attitude - "I make the world as I like it". Therefore, act quickly and be inspired by our gorgeous picture gallery!

Furniture, decoration, home decor, chair furnishing trends

Furniture and room decoration are now entirely up to you

Wall decoration, blue curtains furnishing trends

Wall design with blue curtains

Roof living room, side table, white furniture furnishings trends

This attic room is decorated with chic white furniture and looks very modern

black floor lamp, white carpet, black armchair, wall shelf, yellow stool furnishing trends

Black floor lamp is the eye-catcher here!

Dining room, orange furniture, colorful chairs, lots of room-furnishing trends

Orange dining room furniture provides plenty of storage space

Living room in ethnic look decor trends

Living room in ethnic look

Living room, wooden dining table, ceiling lamp

Living room designed after the last furnishing trends

Trend color yellow, knit look, wall mirror, floor lamp furnishing trends

Trend color yellow

Trend color blue, side table, wall mirror furnishing trends

Trend color blue

white furniture, wall decoration, wooden staircase, living room furniture trends

White furniture is the latest craze in 2016 furnishing trends

trendy multifunctional furniture, side table, staircase furnishings trends

Multifunctional furniture is in high demand, they are totally in!

Individuality and openness
The furnishing style 2016 adapts completely to the personal wishes and preferences of the residents. Individuality and openness are very important, because there are no rigid rules, but personal creativity and a lot of free space that impress.
Heavy curtains, large furniture and practical room dividers disappear to create more space in the home and to invite them to come in through the seamless transition of the rooms into each other. The various functional areas in the living room are visually delimited by trendy multifunctional furniture. An example of this are the so-called modular sofas. They adapt very well to the personal wishes and allow it to be arranged again and again original. Individual armchairs can be put together to a sofa or form several small sofas.

modular sofas, colorful, stylish ambience furnishings trends

Modular sofas are a practical solution in modern premises

modular sofas in different color furnishing trends

Modular sofas in different colors

modular sofas in white, blue and yellow, white carpet, floor lamp furnishing trends

Modular sofas in white, blue and yellow

modular sofas in gray furnishing trends

Modular sofas in gray

pink modular sofas, yellow carpet, colorful throw pillows furnishing trends

Modular sofas in pink

There is also a new trend in the dining room furniture, cleverly combining different types of chairs. "Casual Dinig", which is familiar to us all from many restaurants, is now fully in your own four walls. The dining pleasure is combined with the lounge feeling by novel furniture groups in different seating height.

Living room, colorful chairs, blue armchair, wall mirror

Furniture trends in the year 2o16 - practical, multifunctional furniture is now in demand

modular sofas in black, yellow ceiling light furnishings trends

Chic modular sofas in black create a sophisticated ambience

Be creative with europallets
If you are inspired by the simplicity of things, there are no limits in 2016 set. Designing your own creative and unusual pieces of furniture out of europallets is now very modern, because they are cheap, reusable and very versatile. You only need a few screws, sandpaper, paint and your own imagination to make a coffee table, a shelf or even a bed. Since Euro pallets are made of wood, they can be combined well with felt and glass.

Furniture made of europallets, floor lamp, yellow chair, wall decoration furnishing trends

Furniture made of europallets

Side table made of europallets, colorful carpet furnishing trends

Side table made of europallets

Couch made of europallets, colorful throw pillows furnishing trends

Couch made of europallets

modern ambience, europallets, black furniture, armchairs, side table furnishing trends

Euro pallets, combined with black furniture

Bedroom, Europallets, Yellow as trend color furnishings trends

Knitting is chic
The knit look is again very modern this year, not only in the fashion world, but also in the home decoration. Knitwear such as lampshades, chair covers, sofa cushions and even knitwear wallpapers make for more coziness in the home, especially in the cold season.

Trend colors, knitting optics, stool furnishing trends

Knitwear is a hit not only in the fashion world, but also in the furnishing trends 2016

Knit look, modern, small stool furnishing trends

Modern small stools in knit look

modern Strikoptik, stool furnishing trends

Modern Strikoptik at home

Floor cushions, knitting optics furnishing trends

Floor cushions in knit look

Floor cushions in knitting optics furnishing trends

Floor cushions in knit look

Yellow is the trend color of the year
It is again much brighter and happier in the home design, because yellow is the trend color of the coming year. It symbolizes the rising sun, means optimism and energy and loosens every bedroom and living room. Yellow has a very invigorating effect and makes even smaller rooms appear friendlier, brighter and more open. There are all the nuances that yellow has to offer: from strong mustard to tender sand and pigeon to the luminous lemon. On the wallpaper, on pillows, sideboards or sofas - yellow must not be missing in trendy living.

Trend color yellow, yellow chair, yellow wall, floor lamp furnishing trends

Trend color yellow - the yellow chair corresponds with the accent wall

Side Table, Yellow, Throw Pillow Decor Trends

Side table in soft yellow

Couch in yellow, carpet in gray, wall mirror furnishing trends

Couch in lemon yellow

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