Industrial lamps and their design

Industrial lamps and their design

The table lamp made of fiberglass and the floor lamp Twiggy by Marc Sadler (left) are offered inexpensively by Ikea. Kulla range (2nd from left) has a stylish presence and the simple form of a designer lighting fixture. Thus, these lights could find their place in every Anbiente. Scroll down for more design ideas.

Wooden working desk and contemporary lighting fixture with industrial furniture

Wooden working table and contemporary lighting fixtures

The minimalist design of this lamp can be combined with various accessories. The table lamp by Alex Taylor (left) has elegant details.

Eccentric leather armchair set with industrial furniture

Eccentric leather chair in black and white, paired with a white Beitischlampe

The chair by Davidmet Nicole was made with textiles from France. The unusual design of the lamp is a masterpiece by Fanuli Furniture. The leather armchair can be combined with other pieces of furniture in various colors.

Lighting in contemporary urban home design facility with industrial furniture

Lighting in contemporary urban living design

The raven-black color of this lamp ensures eccentricity and luxury. In minimalist design, this lamp would look perfect. The floor lamp Ray El is an eye-catcher in every part of the room.

Pendant lights in urban home design furnishings with industrial furniture

Pendant lights in urban living design

Glass fibers were used in the production of the Catellani & Smith table lamp. The lamp by David Knott is impressive by opal white acrylic glass.

Decorative hanging lamp device with industrial furniture

Decorative hanging lamps

Tangent Lights has a mysterious, attractive form. The table lamp would fit with any interior design style due to its comprehensive design. The pendant lamp in contemporary design also meets every taste. The kids would definitely be happy about it.

Creative lampshades setup

Creative lampshades

The table lamp Topple is a unique model and fits in particular with the industrial style. The pendant lamp made of ceramic has a modern effect and can be found in the most modern apartments. The interesting thing about them is their shape and second the rope. The simple design is from Zinke | Carpenter (Ism Objects).

Armchair in black decor with industrial furniture

Armchair in black

Metallic and wooden deco elements are combined in this elegant table lamp by Dido Designs. The extravagant form of Storey Streets is just magical.

This high-gloss armchair is both stylish and comfortable at the same time. The pendant lamp in white forms strong contrast and could be placed quietly in the minimalist design. These two pieces of furniture would look great in industrial style.

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