Indoor plants that get along well with low light

Indoor plants that get along well with low light

We are expanding our overview of green houseplants that thrive well in a room without much natural light. And even more: most of them purify the room air and make a good figure even in dark corners of the room. These roommates in our home let their location shine through their evergreen leaves and strikingly beautiful flowers. Stay tuned and enjoy its natural beauty.

peace lily

peace lily

The peace lily feels very well in low-light room corners and turns into a real eye-catcher

Easy care and very elegant: that's how we can describe the peace lily. This beautiful ornamental plant enchants us not only by its thin green and slightly shiny leaves, but also by the delicate white flowers. This is actually durable and can please you for a long time. The peace lily is also under the name A leaf , Vagina leaf and leaf vane known and also under the botanical name, Spathiphyllum. The peace lily grows tall and reaches about 45- 90 cm, makes a good shape everywhere and is relatively undemanding. It can thrive well in a low light location, that is, the leaf may seem shady and dark. The direct sunlight can be harmful to the elegant green leaves. However, it really requires regular watering and likes the high humidity. Do not let the potting soil dry out! The peace lily will thank you for your care and shows you her delicate white flower!

Peace lily single leaf Spathiphyllum

Peace lily, monorail or Spathiphyllum are just different names for one and the same beauty of the room. It is always a definite eye-catcher in every ambience!

Wax flower (Hoya)

Wax flower (Hoya)

The delicate flowers of the wax flower look perfect in dark red and white and steal the show immediately!

The wax flower or also called porcelain flower in German is also popular under the name Hoya. It grows quite slowly, has extraordinary, magnificent flowers that look as if they were cast from porcelain or wax. Hence the two names of this beautiful and easy-care indoor plant. She loves air dryness and can tolerate a humidity of 60% well. The wax flower thrives in the bright indirect light very well. But she also does that in darker locations. Please do not change your location, otherwise it will not bloom! Hoya is considered a robust indoor plant, but hobby gardeners need a sure instinct to care for them properly. Our advice is: pour the wax plant with lime-free water and let the pot bale dry afterwards! So you would give your Hoya with magnificent flowers!

Hoya wax flower beautiful flowers

These flowers look like they're made of porcelain or wax, right?

Palm Mile (Yucca cane)


Add a green touch to the white interior of your home office with this gorgeous palmlilie!

If the Yucca cane seems like an old-fashioned houseplant, then we have to say right away that you're wrong! The palm leaf is elegant and impresses with its thick evergreen leaves. It is very easy to care for and an excellent choice for beginners, Yucca cane is just one type of palm oil. This has sword-like leaves on thick stems. Their spiny texture is a fantastic addition to other traditional indoor plants such as Dieffenbachia and different palm species.

The Palmlilienstock develops very well in a bold space and can grow very high with proper irrigation and fertilization. This yucca style brings a dramatic appearance, new life and a lot of color to any empty corner of a room or can be added as a bold architectural accent to the interior.

Palm Mullion Substrate Flowerpot

Never let the substrate dry out in the flowerpot, but pour moderately!

The Palmlilienstock prefers a location with bright light, but can also get along well without much light. This houseplant grows slowly and does not require frequent watering.

Green lily (Chlorophytum comosum)


The green lily is a robust houseplant that thrives everywhere

Green lily Chlorophytum popular in Germany strikingly green-white colored thin leaves

The green lily is a popular houseplant in Germany

The Grünlilie is a popular and very easy-care indoor plant, it is often seen in offices and is therefore also called official palm. The green lily (Chlorophytum comosum) is a perennial house plant that bears elegant green-and-white leaves. It can thrive well in locations where there is not enough daylight. It cuts a good figure everywhere and brings color and freshness into the dark corners of the room. The plant is undemanding, needs only regular watering and in spring and summer it must be fertilized.

Elephant's foot (Beaucarnea recurvata)

Elephant foot or bottle tree? This is an easy-care and robust houseplant that does well with little light.

The elephant's foot is a very effective indoor plant, which is still called bottle tree, elephant tree or water palm. But it is important, it belongs to the family of asparagus plants. The elephant's foot is native to the west coast of the US and Mexico, but has settled in well in Europe. As a houseplant, the bottle tree is very easy-care and robust, grows very slowly and is therefore a good choice for beginners. The plant has a round, swollen trunk at the bottom and thin evergreen leaves that can grow up to 1 m long. In principle, the elephant foot grows very slowly and can decorate your home for many years. It can thrive well in light and dark locations where there is no direct sunlight. Pour moderately and admire the green splendor of the bottle tree!

monochrome interior elephant foot beautiful pot white good eye catcher

Break the monochrome interior through a beautiful pot with elephant foot!

Flamingo flower (Anthurium)

Flamingo flower (Anthurium)

Nature is the greatest artist ever!

If you want to introduce a lot of color in your four walls, then get yourself a Flamingoblume, in good German called Anthurie. Even in winter this flower shows its beautiful flowers in red and enchants with elegance and refinement. The flamingo flower does not tolerate strong sun, prefers dark or partially shaded locations. Protect the anthurium from strong draft. Moderate watering and fertilization do her good too. You flower will certainly surprise you with its beautiful flowers and bring new life and a lot of color into your interior!

Anthurie flamingo flower full bloom at home

Enjoy the flowers of the Anthurium in your home!

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