Indoor and outdoor whirlpools - this is how a dream comes true!

Indoor and outdoor whirlpools - this is how a dream comes true!

If you want pure relaxation and bathing fun in one, then you should not wait any longer and postpone the decision. We could only warmly recommend you to treat yourself to a hot tub. Then you can increase your quality of life enormously and realize a long-cherished dream. If you want to create a modern wellness oasis at home or create a charming relaxation area in the garden with a year-round outdoor hot tub, then we would like to help you with creative and practical tips and tricks in choosing the right model.

A spa area with a modern hot tub

A spa area with a modern hot tub outside can now become a dream come true

So, let's start with the practical aspect of the topic whirlpool and then move on to the aesthetic. Since the range of high-quality indoor and outdoor whirlpools is enormously large and the competition in the industry is very strong, you have to inform yourself in advance as well as possible and then make a decision. First and foremost, you should first clarify the following questions for yourself: Where do you want to place the whirlpool? How big is the available space in the house or garden and how many people will use it in the future. Closely related to this is the selection of the most suitable pool model for you. Due to its trendy design, the whirlpool transforms immediately into a real highlight, whether it's inside or outside. He elegantly inscribes himself into the interior of your bathroom or gives your garden that certain something. If you opt for a modern hot tub, you will gain many pluses in terms of aesthetics. But for the good health is also thought. In your own wellness zone, you can easily rid yourself of all everyday physical and mental burdens. Every hour spent in the whirlpool has a positive effect on body and soul. Pure relaxation and perfect balance are guaranteed! Your health will definitely improve and you can relax while stressing.

Pool on the porch

Enjoy every hour in the pool on the veranda and let your mind wander!

When it comes to modern hot tubs for home and garden, you have a trusted partner who offers you everything from one source. at Opti Relax You will find a wide assortment of high quality indoor and outdoor pools. Choosing the right whirlpool model will not be easy for you, and you're bound to be spoiled for choice. But the company experts can help you with words and deeds. 30 different designs, professional advice and best service are waiting for you. And you get all that for a fair price. Of course you can also visit the wellness and whirlpool exhibition of the company in Wertheim and convince yourself on site of all the qualities of the indoor and outdoor whirlpools by Optirelax. There are many great whirlpool models for home and garden to visit, custom design or effective hydromassage are also included in the company offer. With the Optirelax hot tubs you can create your own spa and wellness area and treat yourself to a great deal of comfort. Each model offers you numerous hours of fun with your loved ones and endless bathing fun all year round. Yes, you have read it correctly! You can also use the outdoor pools all year round, because they are well insulated, adapted to the climatic conditions in Germany, resistant and durable. Their energy efficiency is enviable, so you save a lot of money and additional costs. You can enjoy all the extras of these hot tubs every 12 months, in the sunshine and cold. They guarantee you excellent water quality, are easy to clean and user friendly. A water change is only necessary every 6 to 8 months and the regular care lasts only a few minutes a month.

Are you already interested? Then get in touch and let us inform you in more detail and advise you. We wish you a lot of bathing fun in your own whirlpool!

Indoor and outdoor whirlpools - this is how a dream comes true!

Bathe in the open air and enjoy a wonderful view

Indoor Jacuzzi

An indoor whirlpool with effective hydromassage can be good for your health

Whirlpool bathtub

The indoor hot tub fits nicely into the interior of your bathroom

Lighting around the hot tub

Matching lighting around the whirlpool makes your bathing fun complete

modern bathroom with whirlpool tub

The matching Whirlpool model guarantees pure relaxation and unforgettable experiences!

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