Individual kitchen designs in an upscale style

Kitchen design retro style complete in red

The new kitchen design changes the overall look of your interior. If you are satisfied with your own kitchen design, you will spend a lot of time eating and cooking. Even when drinking coffee in the morning you spend longer in the kitchen - a sure sign of relaxation and well-being in your own four walls.

The little things in the decor can provide nice surprises. It can be a wall or cabinet fronts color, a striking pendant, vintage furniture or patterned Oriental rug. Mainly your own kitchen area should meet your personal requirements, be friendly and inviting and be equipped with the necessary accessories. Then every housewife would like to do cooking experiments and entertain guests in the kitchen. Read our tips for custom kitchen designs. For this purpose, we have collected selected living examples for you, which express a very comfortable living.

Kitchen plan: kitchen form

When it comes to living ideas for kitchen designs, the right kitchen form comes first. In terms of room size and floor plan, there are corresponding possibilities. If the available area is small, the classic one-line kitchen form is selected. These are practical kitchen design, short passages and clarity. Since there is little available storage space in a narrow, long room, one would have to think carefully about where all kitchen appliances are stowed.

Two-line kitchen models of course offer more work space and make the most of the available space. The two individual lines are against each other and usually provide a bright, large kitchen. The separate kitchen lines do not allow a too swift workflow, because you would have to constantly back and forth. Despite all this, one expects in this case with enough storage space.

An L-shaped kitchen unit is better suited for a fluid workflow because there are short paths between each zone. Further referred to as corner or angle kitchen, the L-shape offers an open kitchen design and functionality. Part of the work surface can be transformed into an integrated counter. Thus one uses at the same time the fitted kitchen for food preparation and for the meal!

For a large family, the kitchen design in U-shape would be suitable, because in this case you need more space. The U-shaped kitchen design is planned along three walls and uses the space in the best possible way. Kitchen appliances and accessories are close to each other, which also ensures quick and easy food preparation. In a U-kitchen, the countertops are used to the maximum and with great certainty, a fairly large household can be served very well.

Do you have more space available? Then you are one of the lucky people who can afford an open kitchen system. An open kitchen allows the respective composition of different kitchen forms. This clever kitchen system promotes cooking and eating together. In addition, the kitchen with cooking island and a variety of amenities look visually generous and inviting.

The kitchen design should absolutely meet your own needs. The furnishing trends are not always adapted to the needs of people who use a kitchen every day. So you would need a correct height of the worktops and sink, sufficient depth and width of the worktops, number of cabinets in relation to the existing accessories and a large refrigerator, if it is a large household. The seating areas in the kitchen area are of course also included.

Cozy country kitchen with modern elements such as the integrated upper cabinet lighting

Eclectic kitchen design oven tiles

Pure nostalgia: open fire as a former center of the community

Kitchen strangely different seating simply

White hanging lamps in a cozy kitchen with a Mediterranean flair

Rusitkal kitchen natural materials wooden fronts

Include the best of nature in kitchen design

Traditional country kitchen large worktops

Country kitchen with flexible solutions for the necessary kitchen equipment

kitchen design

Kitchen design is a very popular theme that is more than ever integrated into the home design. People with a love for nature are planning cozy, country-style kitchens, which usually feature great vintage deco items. Modern city kids like the innovative kitchen design in minimalist style, which is highly functional and smart. Creative natures often tend to retro style, which nostalgically brings us back into the past with bold colors and strong-character furniture.

Kitchen design country style wood fronts essay sink

Match the decor with the containers of flour, sugar and pasta on the kitchen surface

Open kitchen in the cottage old wood

Warm old wood provides a cozy, original atmosphere

French kitchen design with vintage oriental rug

Traditional kitchen designs can compete with ergonomic, efficient workplaces

Open kitchen in the attic roof pitch

Open kitchen with shiny surfaces and extension ladder for flexibility in the room

One-piece kitchen design minimalist white modern

Eye-catching contrast between smooth surfaces and rough wall structure

Kitchen design retro style complete in red

Colorful kitchen design in red for more pleasure in cooking and eating

Luxury kitchen deco Article Dark Blue Brown

Luxurious materials that are also durable

kitchen Accessories

Kitchen utensils and accessories are second only to the kitchen form, allowing a room to be completely transformed. The accessories should be in the right place in the kitchen and always at hand. Always create enough space for decorative items that give the kitchen area its own character. Today's kitchen appliances have sleek, sleek shapes and are functional as well as decorative. Other deco objects such as houseplants, herb garden, jars and much more are particularly effective in the kitchen design.

Try to provide a specific location for each item, whether in the form of kitchen cabinets, wall shelves or drawers. A set of closed and open shelves would be the perfect solution, and not just in the open kitchen system. The worktops should remain as free as possible ..

English style living idea kitchen rustic

Nostalgic kitchen design and the desire for idyllic country life

small kitchen with cooking island under gable roof

Cheap room concept with cooking island in two-line kitchen

Kitchen furnish country style with retro elements

Electronic devices in bright colors and eye-catching shapes contribute to the decoration

Simply kitchen design Retro sink white

Simple country kitchen dispenses with any frills in the design

Kitchen copper accents cooking island pendant lights

With noble objects made of copper against the standard look of the white kitchen

kitchen lighting

"Lichtdurchflutet " and " kitchen " are two words we often see written next to each other. Often, however, the daylight can not pave the way to the kitchen, or the weather does not want to play at all. For this reason, almost always additional lighting is used, which divides a room into a few zones of light. The different areas such as the countertops, the hob and the dining table require e.g. a high light intensity. As a basic lighting, the pendulum and ceiling lights are popular solutions. In places mood lighting is applied to create an atmospheric atmosphere for speaking and being together.

Which kitchen design is important to you? Think about what would be practical and attractive to you and your family, whether it's a built-in kitchen or an innovative modular system. If you feel comfortable at home, you can do it all with more fun and energy!

Country kitchen kitchen island pendant lamps industrial style

Meaningful worktops and kitchen cabinets in the country kitchen

Kitchen rustic rural cozy wooden beams

Include the natural look of the wooden columns and wooden beams in the kitchen design

Kitchen island Wooden worktop Bar stool Living example

Kitchen design with different lines creates an interesting visual look

Country kitchen cozy open wall shelf

In this country house kitchen with shabby-chic flair, you rely on a lot of wood and open shelves and do without plastic

Kitchen trend high ceilings cooking island white

Open space concept, designed for easy accessibility

Old building kitchen area wooden floor brick wall

White walls create a special flair in combination with wooden floors

Elegant kitchen under gable roof warm shades

Both functional, as well as strong in character and classy furnishings

Pantry with sliding doors Chalk board Esstresen

Inspiration for using chalkboard in the kitchen

Minimalist kitchen design White wood colors

Minimalist kitchen with a clear shape, subtle colors and reduced appearance

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