Ideas for kitchens in a retro look

Ideas for kitchens in a retro look

A very strong and clearly pronounced trend prevails in the interior design - the retro look in all its multi-faceted manifestations. Most likely, many people feel a sense of nostalgia for bygone times and want to bring the touch of the 60s and 70s to their homes. Maybe they are also attacked by a romantic flair and choose everything in a retro look. No matter what motive you drive, you can not go wrong with the retro look now, because he is totally hip! And where can you easily introduce retro elements into the interior? Of course in the kitchen! This is usually the meeting place of the whole family, where you can enjoy your meals and tell a lot about the past day. You can decorate the kitchen according to your own desire in a retro look and provide coziness and style in this room. And you will not regret this decision, because the new retro trend is becoming increasingly popular in kitchen design. Many interior designers look at the Kitchen in the Retro look even as an alternative to the modern fitted kitchen. And rightly so! Because every kitchen could be spiced up with retro elements, giving it a whole new look.

retro-look kitchen-pastelltone

Wooden surfaces and pastel shades everywhere make up the retro look of this kitchen

Basically, you have two options. Once you can give your old kitchen a second chance and modernize it by preserving the design concept. Or, secondly, you could set up a brand new kitchen with retro furniture and get some retro kitchen equipment to add the atmosphere of the 60s to your kitchen. Which of the two options you choose depends ultimately only on your preferences and finances.


Be inspired by the style of the 50s, 60s and 70s and create a kitchen with a retro look

But what do you do? t the retro kitchen to a stylish eye-catcher? Why is the retro look so popular in the kitchen? Here are the main characteristics of this style of furnishing at a glance:

  • Vibrant shapes, colorful highlights and old patterns are back in

The whole facility in a retro kitchen speaks clearly - you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 60s and 70s again! Take a look at our picture example of how the dining table looks with the beautiful dining chairs! The retro atmosphere here is crowned by an old suspension lamp. The tablecloth and the window curtains are selected in red and white and further enhance the romantic flair. In the foreground we see the old stove and in the background is a corner cupboard, which certainly houses many heirlooms.


Every little detail here emphasizes the retro look of this kitchen

  • Colorful tile walls and interesting patterned floors make the retro look

What was typical of the kitchen design 50 or 60 years ago and what most of us know from their childhood are the colorful tiled walls. There, where it is cooked, must be tiled, yes? But the colorful tiled walls bring back the flair of the past years and remind us of the kitchen of our mothers, right? There used to be tiles, but today there are still different patterns and colors. On the tiled wall usually hang dishes cook sets and round off the retro look. You can find everything easily and the necessary is always within reach of the stove - that was exactly the guide to the kitchen in the 60s and 70s.

kitchen-design-retro style-vintage

The modern man could say, in this kitchen there is total confusion. But it's not like that!

Something else is immediately noticeable in a kitchen with a retro look, and that is the colorfully patterned floor. He can tiled or a colorful rug could be laid out in front of the kitchenette. But in both cases, the bright colors are great highlights in retro style.

carpet-in-retro style

A beautiful, colorfully patterned carpet corresponds very well with the fresh cut flowers to the right of the sink

  • Open shelves or kitchen cabinets display crockery and precious chinaware

If you look attentively at our example pictures, you will definitely determine which furnishing element is typical for the retro look in the kitchen. Yes, these are beautiful, old open shelves or kitchen cabinets that display your dishes and precious china. That was in the time of my grandma like that, today is in! And there is nothing surprising about that, because in interior design forms and patterns are always changing. What is modern today was certainly popular many years ago and in demand, it could be in demand again in a few decades. Who knows?

cake cabinet-deco-elements-in-retro style

Place an open kitchen cupboard in your kitchen and decorate your favorite tableware and other retro-inspired deco elements


Even a modern kitchen can spread a retro touch - with exposed dishes, a large fruit bowl and greenery on the table

  • The retro look is also hidden in the little details

retro cake island

Everything is retro - from the old galvanized bucket to the scales on the kitchen island

An old scale has its well-deserved place in the retro kitchen found. Place it in such a way that it does not disturb your daily activities, but makes it easier. On our next photo, the scale is in the corner and has already been converted. Fresh kitchen herbs in small pots stand on it. And so that the retro look is perfect, you have placed on an open shelf beautiful, old jugs. White lace curtains hang from the window and round off the retro kitchen interior in white!


A retro look in the kitchen could also be completely white

And last but not least, we want to show you an interesting idea for the retro look in your kitchen.

country style and retro kitchen-ideas

Country style meets retro

Country style and retro are mixed together here, because in this simple and somewhat robust kitchen, we have much of both: open wooden beams, limed walls, no base cabinets, instead draped fabric curtains and many garden flowers and green branches. That's what I call nostalgia you romance in one!

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