Ideas for country style kitchens

Ideas for country style kitchens

Millions of people in densely populated Western Europe dream of a small cottage in the countryside, in the middle of the forest or on a lake shore, where they can live stress-free and close to nature. Unfortunately, only a few realize this dream. Yes, but now you can bring the rural into the house! Everything rustic is currently announced and has also paved the way for interior design. Architects and interior designers know the needs and wishes of their customers and react accordingly. They have designed kitchen models in the country house style, which are simply beautiful, practical and funktonal designed. They charm with their rustic elements that carry nostalgia and charm of bygone times. Today we would like to give you some useful ideas for country style kitchen furnishings. Scroll down and follow the beautiful pictures! They certainly give you enough good reasons to introduce the rustic flair into your own four walls.

Why are country-style kitchens so popular?

Country-style kitchens - or country-style kitchens - are usually spacious, so you can not only prepare your meals, but communicate and talk. They have large windows and are well flooded with natural light. At the center is a large dining table, around which the family gathers. This offers seating for 6, 8 and several people who like to sit together. The table and chairs are made of real wood and look very stable. They immediately remind me of my grandparents' kitchen, where the extended family came together on various occasions. Apart from the wooden nuances, bright colors are rarely seen in the country-style kitchen. Only natural colors dominate here, which are skilfully paired with white walls.

modern-house cake

A spacious country-style kitchen dominates where the warm wood nuances dominate


Much wood and grass green in pastel emit a lot of heat. Everywhere you can see more rural decoration elements

What draws all eyes immediately in a country kitchen?

If the kitchen in the country house style is really spacious, there is in the middle of a kitchen island again made of wood. On this island one often combines the functions of cooking and eating and combines them masterfully in one place. And that has its practical reasons. While the housewife prepares the food, she can easily communicate with other family members or talk to her guests. That is the big advantage of such a device. When cooking, nobody feels alone or in a small kitchenette, but can freely participate in each conversation. So the time around the kitchen island passes quite pleasantly for all involved.

cake cabinet-wood-flooring-oven

Delightful country-style cuisine - modern technology meets the country house style, resulting in a perfect mix

There are beautiful models of country-style kitchens in the trade, all in white. They also have the latest kitchen technical innovations and have built-in, state-of-the-art kitchen appliances that you would not even notice at first glance. Often, in the kitchen space, there are exposed wooden beams or other wooden surfaces, which are actually the basic element of this interior design style. The wooden floor shines and exudes warmth and coziness.

cake-in-country style

Genuine wood creates a warm and comfortable living atmosphere

wood-cake cabinet-coil-country style

In this rustic kitchen in white, the open wooden Balkan come to light

It has already been mentioned that the country-style kitchens need no colored accents. Bright colors are not desirable here, white and natural wood dominate. You could place natural deco elements here and there to enhance the rural feel.

kitchen-country style-dining table-chairs-wood

The dining table made of real wood is in the foreground, behind you can see the kitchen island. Eye-catching suspension lights give the rural ambience the finishing touch

modern-house cake

The floor tiles are chosen to match, in line with the wooden beams

rustic-cake cabinet

A rustic kitchen can also look modern

country style-kitchen-furnitures-carpet-cake island

In such a large room, you also have to think about the right lighting

The country-style kitchens are practically designed and functional

Since we want to write in an article the most important thing about the kitchen in country house style, we want to emphasize their third characteristic. Simple and practical - this is what these spaces look like, so they work as well. Here you have obviously thought through the smallest detail properly. There are practical storage options, plus wicker baskets in warm brown. The open beams correspond perfectly with the other wooden surfaces in the room. It has also thought of suitable lighting. Rustic hanging lamps swing over the wooden table and on the walls there are wall sconces in the same style. Nothing seems overloaded or crowded. But on the contrary. Everything stands in its concrete place and all elements together form a harmonious whole.

Yes, the country-style kitchen is a bit modern, with a strong rustic flair. An unsurpassable combination! It makes us fall in love with this style of furnishing.

lampshades-pendant lights-wood-cake island

Enchantingly beautiful and rustic

Ceiling Light kitchen-dining room-stool

The kitchen island also serves as a dining table and is equipped with wooden stools. But the hanging lamps over it just steal the show!

rustic kitchen-cake smooth wall

I would also like to cook in this kitchen! And you?

Ceiling Light tabletop-rustic style

Cosiness and warmth, mixed with rural flair

Photo 15 K: Electric candles on the wall complete the rustic look here

cake island-wood

Electric candles on the wall complete the rustic look here

cottage pie-wise

The modern kitchen in country style could look like that

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