How to make your life easy this summer

How to make your life easy this summer

Usually, summer is the season for many of us, if we want to live easier, right? And it can be exactly like that! But to bring the beautiful holiday feeling in your everyday life, a little preparatory work and strategic thinking are required. Spend less time cleaning your house and do not make an effort to get the paperwork done. Try to spend more time outdoors, e.g. Sit together with friends at iced tea and chat comfortably or laze by the pool. Today we want to show you 10 practical tips on how to make your everyday life as easy as possible.

Better go barefoot

summer terrace white decoration ideas

In the summer, go barefoot, which is healthy first, and second, your house stays clean for a long time.

We all have the habit of taking off our shoes at the front door. Of course that's a good thing, because dirt and sand are not allowed to get into the living room. In other words, you need less time for cleaning your house. Besides, summer is the most appropriate season to go barefoot. If a shoe rack seems too fussy or bulky, place a nice big basket in the entrance hall where the sandals can be collected.

Roll all carpets together

Design flooring living room floor wood

Roll up the carpets and keep them in a cool and dry place in the house until autumn

It's also easier to keep your floor clean if you have the same flooring throughout the house. You know, hard floors feel cooler in the summer. If you have carpets and / or runners, have them cleaned properly (some small ones can be washed at home). After cleaning, you can store the carpets in a closet, actually until autumn. Just make sure that the storage area is cool and dry, and keep your carpets away from the dust.

Baskets in the house are a practical solution

In the summer, baskets decorate the house

Well placed baskets throughout the house make your work easier in summer

Now you can distribute a few carefully placed baskets in the house, because these are a practical solution, there you can stow everything that you currently do not need. Position a basket in each room and see how perfectly this idea works! Voilà, your house looks well-ordered and clean! The baskets can also be used to move various objects from one room to another or to carry them up and down stairs.

Buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmers market

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Buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmers market - that's healthy!

In summer, there are always fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmers market. Inquire about the nearby farmers markets in your area and buy there! Fresh ingredients are very healthy and it is much more convenient to do your weekly shopping.

In summer, parents can spend many amusing hours with their children

Set up and decorate the children's room

Her little ones need your attention

Your children are not allowed to spend their school holidays in front of the screen. Distract your attention from the TV and PC and engage your little ones with interesting tasks. They will certainly be happy to help you in the household, while you can teach your children something practical. Prepare small reward for her. In summer, parents have more free time, in principle, they can spend the afternoon reading or painting with their little ones. Solving math problems or realizing some house projects are further useful ideas for this season. Make as much as possible with your children and enjoy your time together in a close family circle!

Grill and eat outdoors

Barbecue for garden terrace and balcony ideas

Barbecuing and eating outside on the garden terrace - this is also part of summer enjoyment

When it's hot outside, the last thing you want to do in the summer heat would be to spend hours at the stove at home. Plan your meals outdoors more often and avoid cooking indoors. That way, you do not need much time for your kitchen cleaning again, right? And when the food is ready, you can enjoy it outside on the garden terrace. Keep a trash or other container for the leftovers. So you can bring plates and glasses immediately after each meal, directly into the dishwasher.

Now it's time to put your paper stacks in order

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Create order in your home office now

This idea is certainly not your idea of ​​a well spent time, especially in midsummer, if you prefer to go to the beach. But high stacks of paper are disturbing. Find time and get your papers in order. For this purpose, you need folders and folders and the paperwork problem can be solved easily.

Before a vacation trip you always have your hands full

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Do not let your suitcase spoil your fun before traveling

The vacation time brings always a light feeling, one feels free and carefree. Do not let the stress of travel preparation overwhelm you. Yes, you have so many things to think about, transport and accommodation options, matching clothes and travel accessories you have to choose carefully and pack everything together. But do not worry now, with good organization it's all possible. And forget the stress! You're going on holiday soon!

Airy-light, easy as possible bed linen is best in the summer

Bed linen for the summer

Airy-light bed linen for the summer

In good summer weather, you probably only need a lighter blanket, so the quilts have to go, into the closet! Linen, jersey, cotton fabric and silk are the most recommended materials for bedding during the hot summer nights.

Self service at breakfast and lunch is the best solution for everyone in the family

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Self-service at breakfast and lunch can make your everyday life easier

If you are tired of cooking and preparing food in the kitchen, then you need a little variety. Prepare smoothies, cereals, and other dishes, and stack everything on the dining table or countertop in the kitchen. Everyone in the family can decide for themselves how much and what exactly he eats in the morning or at noon. Do not forget the fragrant coffee or the hot tea!
In the evening, the family comes together again, then all together can spend entertaining hours outside and barbecue and eat outdoors. Is not this a great idea?

Follow our practical tips and make your life in the summer much easier, but also more enjoyable! Enjoy the holiday season with family and friends!

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