How to effectively clean the various countertops in the kitchen

How to effectively clean the various countertops in the kitchen

The A Countertops in the kitchen are among the intensively used surfaces at home and every housewife can confirm this. On the market you will find a variety of funds and cleaning materials, and yet sometimes you do not know exactly how the various worktops need to be cleaned effectively and gently. In this article we show you the best cleaning methods for the most commonly used countertops.

Küchena worktop made of wood

The wood panels need a protective coating against stains and scratching. We recommend furniture Oil or wax instead of the toxic varnish. If the surface already has scratches, polish with soft sandpaper and work again with furniture wax or oil. Clean the wood worktop with non-abrasive cleaner or a gentle homemade mixture of lukewarm water and vinegar.


Stylish kitchen in black with robust wooden worktop

kitchen-countertop-solid wood

Worktops made of wood are not very easy to care for, but they give the kitchen a pleasant warmth

Küchena Countertop in marble and granite

Both materials are very popular because of their durability, but they need regular renewal of the Protective coating against stains. Edit the granite once a year and the marble - every 3-4 months. For daily cleaning you only need warm water, mild soapy water and soft microfibre cloth for polishing. Avoid scouring agents and acidic cleaners that can damage the surface.


Modern kitchen with gray kitchen furniture and exquisite marble countertop


Granite and marble offer beautiful, natural colors. Clean these plates carefully

granite countertops-kitchen

Cool worktop made of gray granite

Küchena worktop made of laminate

The Laminate worktops are available at affordable prices and are very easy to care for. Protect the laminated surfaces against scratches with sharp objects or abrasives, sponges or cleaners. Clean with a damp, soft cloth and mild detergent without acids or alkalis.


The laminate mimics various natural stones in a skilful way


Wine stains on the working disk made of laminate can be easily cleaned


Worktop made of laminate in wood look

Worktop off stone

The artificial stone is much easier to care for than its role models - the natural stones. Sufficient would be the regular cleaning with soapy water. Artificial stone countertops do not need a protective coating compared to natural stone.

modern-kitchen-countertop-art stone-black

Modern kitchen with easy-care worktop made of artificial stone

trendy-kitchen-countertop-art stone-gray

Artificial stone worktops are ideal for busy housewives

Worktop off stainless steel

For the Stainless steel worktops are enough if you just wipe them off occasionally. For cleaning, always use cleaning agents that are especially suitable for stainless steel surfaces and soft microfibre cloth. Be careful with the sharp objects, as the scratches on a stainless steel surface can not be repaired.

contemporary-kitchen-countertop-modern stainless steel

Modern kitchen in white with a practical stainless steel worktop

modern-kitchen-countertop-steel-wood-cake island-retro

Cozy kitchen in eclectic style

Worktop off soapstone

This natural stone is free of pores, which makes him as res istent against stains and scratches. If you avoid the abrasives, everything would be fine with your soapstone worktop!

kitchen-countertop-soapstone-clean-living tips

The soapstone is non-porous and therefore very easy to clean


Kitchen island with worktop made of light soapstone

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