How to choose the right carpet for your dream house

How to choose the right carpet for your dream house

A rug can really change the whole look of your room. So, after designing the interior, only then can you think of the carpet as the final element of your interior design. Try to estimate exactly what the room still needs. Is there still some texture and color needed or just a cozy feeling? Or perhaps your ambiance needs a modern element that gives the space the last cool touch and creates a homely atmosphere. To make your task easier to find the best solution for you, here are some examples of how carpets can change the look in a room:


A properly selected rug allows you to change the overall look in the room.

  1. Add some texture

A black and white carpet with an interesting look and feel and possibly with graphic patterns can really redesign the look of a room. It is best to choose the carpet in such a way that it visually contrasts with the other elements of the interior design and makes the room look really dreamy. In addition, one must know that a patterned rug looks perfect with striking elements in the room, such as paintings or cushions; This gives every ambience a nice visual contrast and balanced balance.

Our tip: This approach is very appropriate for black and white rooms where a minimalist design prevails or in Scandinavian homes. In short, for rooms with few furniture and decorative elements.

black and white patterned carpet

A black and white patterned carpet fits in a room with little furniture

Gray-room wall and-gray carpet

Gray room wall and gray carpet bring the emerald green sofa to light

  1. Give the room a warm feeling

A colorful carpet can make a room very homely and warm. Choose one in a rich, energetic color like red, orange or yellow and make your home a really cozy place for your family and friends.

Our tip: Such a carpet is perfect for a classic home and for artistic spaces. It looks great indoors, where there are few colors and many neutral furniture.

colorful pillows and-patterned carpet

The colorfully patterned carpet is in visual harmony with the mural


Set accents in the room - a beautiful carpet or great paintings on the wall take over this function

  1. Bring even more colors into the room

Today Moroccan or ethnic carpets are really popular. And why not kilims ? They carry a great deal of exoticism and dreaminess and bring a personal touch to the ambience. The colors and patterns of such a carpet make the room look really trendy. They create a very cozy atmosphere where everyone feels happy.

Our tip: These rugs are perfect for bohemian style rooms, for country houses or holiday homes. They can be paired with many green plants, wooden furniture and great travel souvenirs.

designer carpets Colorful

Colorful carpets combine well with green houseplants


Ethno carpets and kilims are becoming more and more popular

  1. Give your room a modern flair

If you want to bring modernity into a room, you can do so with a colorful and graphically patterned rug. This will make the room look fresh and cool. From squares to circles, there are a lot of sophisticated patterns that fit perfectly in spacious and slightly dreamy rooms.

Our tip: These rugs are perfect for retro style rooms as well as modern furnished apartments. They can be combined with the style of the 70s or with a cool interior design with a few decorative items.

Search also our picture galleries and get more ideas for your room design. Give your home a new look with a properly selected carpet!

interesting-patterned carpet

A colorful and interesting patterned carpet transforms immediately into real eye-catcher in the room


Beige and dark brown go hand in hand with the wooden furniture

decorative carpet-ideas

A balanced balance flows from this room

modern carpet-device

What attracts your view here?


In a totally white ambiance you need a colorful carpet

rustic-bedroom carpet-ideas

A rustic look with a modern flair


The green houseplants spice up the gray interior

country house carpet

In a country house you need exactly such a carpet, right?

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