House and garden - how both go hand in hand!

House and garden - how both go hand in hand!

A cottage in the countryside or detached house on the outskirts? A bungalow at a lake or a semi-detached house in the town center? And what would a house without a garden be? All you need to know about country life, garden flowers and landscaping, even tips for pet care and interesting tricks for gardening experience. If you are dreaming about it or are planning a construction project, you are in the right place too! We will help you a bit and show you which construction partner you can rely on and how your construction project can be realized step by step. And believe us, that will make your most beautiful dream come true!


All beautiful dreams can be fulfilled!

In a detailed search on the net you will find a trustworthy construction company, it is called Viebrockhaus AG. Or have you heard about it from friends or work colleagues? Before you proceed to the actual construction project, it would be appropriate to inform yourself in detail about the scope of services, prices and professional experience of your construction partner. Also consider the personal experience of other builders. On the website of the construction company you will find interesting sections that provide information about many questions. Just spend the necessary time and you have already taken the first step to your dream home. You will be well informed about the individual phases of construction - from earthwork to topping-out ceremony, so that there are no unpleasant surprises. The offer of the construction company Viebrockhaus is so rich that you are certainly spoiled for choice before you decide on a house type. Because here are several options available to you. Should your family house be large, cozy and luxurious or prefer the comfort of a bungalow? Have you already thought about a romantic villa or a two-family house? But one thing is certain - here you can quickly and safely find a suitable house for you and your family. And it will be finished in just 3 months! Even with frost and rain, there are hardly any delays. In addition, you get a 10-year warranty on the house, which is proven by a certificate. Yes, and one more plus: all house types from Viebrockhaus comply with the KfW efficiency standard 55. Thanks to the perfect combination of thermal insulation, heating technology and controlled ventilation, you and your house will be completely independent of oil and gas!

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For the realization of your most beautiful construction project, you need a trusted construction partner

Find out about the range of services, prices and professional experience of your construction partner

Find out about the range of services, prices and professional experience of your construction partner


Proper planning and a precise design will lead you to a cozy home


Mutual trust is especially important in home and garden

Surely you have many more unanswered questions in mind, but one thing stands out: and what do we do with the outdoors, of course after the house is finished? Yes, when it comes to horticulture and landscaping professional help is required again and you get it as you wish, even during the construction process. Because in time you have to think about it, even in the planning phase. At Vierbrock you will find two in one! Here, horticulture and gardening go hand in hand! The wishes of all garden lovers are taken into account, even when choosing the plot. In garden planning, soil quality and the size of the area play a decisive role. Also, think about whether you would have a garden shed or a pool outside. Many builders want to have a pond that easily turns their outdoor area into a quiet zone. Others want to have fun bathing with friends and family all summer long and opt for a swimming pool. And what do you say about a green hedge framing your garden? Beautiful looking and wonderfully fragrant flower beds bring a pinch of romance in your garden. Enchanting roses or showy hydrangeas are a must for many homeowners in their gardens. Certainly for you too, right? And to make the transition between indoors and outdoors seamless, you can arrange a few flower tubs on the patio, which will immediately turn into an eye-catcher.


Here is your bathing fun guaranteed!


An oasis of peace to relax and unwind

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Admire the flowers and the enchanting scent of your garden flowers!

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Immerse yourself in the green of your garden and forget the stress of everyday life!

Do you want to live so comfortably and quietly, in the midst of colorful flowers and greenery? If your answer is yes, you already know which building partner you can contact.
We wish you a lot of fun building your house and soon realize your best dream of a modern home and a beautiful garden!


Spend comfortable and carefree hours in the open air for two


What appeals is also what counts!

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