Honey, an army of ants comes to have tea!

Honey, an army of ants comes to have tea!

The German artist Evelyn Bracklow drew creativity. Her pictures of ants on porcelain dishes have become world famous and are already selling for 135 Euro each.

Old milk jug design ants unique

Real looking ants contrast strongly with the white porcelain

From the flea market Bracklow procures the dishes and paints tiny ants. The idea sounds extremely disgusting, but produces a completely different reaction, is new and original.

The end result is gorgeous, because the ants look very lively because of the artist's detailed painting work. Not only suggestive on the edge of the cups and saucers they move, but they are running at full speed! Thus, you place the piece of cake on the ant army and hope that it will not be eaten away.

Do we want to talk about the clear contrast? What do you associate with the gorgeous white porcelain dishes? With a visit to grandma, with the wedding of your best friend or the brochures of Villeroy & Boch? That solemn occasions, tea drinking in the English province. Yes, but now the ants are conquering these events and creating a jumble of emotions: from excitement to dislike to disgust. Yes, but at the same time the artist receives great acclaim for their eccentricity and ingenuity.

Do not you just want to stick your hand out and make sure the ants are not real? The crawling insects look suspiciously purposeful.

Would you offer your guests coffee in such a coffee set?

Vintage porcelain sugar bowl ants art

Realistic-looking insects invade the vintage porcelain sugar bowl

Underground flea market painted ants

Used in the past, sold today at the flea market: the artist plays with the idea of ​​the imperishable

Artwork handcrafted utility object

Do not drop: the prices of the individual pieces range from 135 to 660 euros

Hand painted insect dishes in detail

Rich in detail and daring, as if the artist knew the behavior of this species

Porcelain vintage container hand painted ants

We find special beauty on these porcelain pieces

Ants deceptively painted utensils

Deceptively real pictures: would you eat from this plate?

Teaware Teacup Vintage Art Ant Road

Still in use and still cruelly attacked: cup and saucer

Ants crawl crockery micro-work

The art does not always have to be beautiful

Plate of vintage porcelain painted ants

Handpainted by the gifted artist Evelyn Bracklow

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