Healthy foods for a long life - what are these?

Healthy foods for a long life - what are these?

Stay healthy and live long - that's what millions of people around the world want. But what can one do for it? It is not so easy to do without meat and only eat fish, vegetables and fruits. The ghosts also differ on the question of dairy products - yes or no? How should one feed oneself in order to enjoy a long life? If you want to keep a diet or treat yourself to high calorie food. And what about chocolate, coffee and tea? Questions about questions .... The answer is quite simple and obvious: healthy foods are the nuts and bolts of proper nutrition. Scientific studies have shown that a long life is closely linked to a healthy diet. Therefore, the topic of healthy food is becoming more current and more often in focus of our attention.

In today's post, we want to talk about healthy foods again, which have many pluses for our good health.

A salad of fresh vegetables with some goat cheese and olives is undoubtedly part of a healthy diet.

Healthy foods for a long life - what are these? 1

We have already published some articles about it, for example about the low carb diet or how to get healthy without it carbohydrates can feed. Vegetarian food was also not out of our interest. But today we want to take a close look at healthy foods for a long life. Sure, healthy and long life is also high on your wish list, right? Then stay tuned and find out about the foods that you should definitely include in your diet.

It would be best if you eat yoghurt daily.

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  • Healthy foods that should not be missing from your menu

yogurt and other dairy products must be consumed daily. These contain calcium and it ensures healthy bones. To prevent the risk of developing osteoporosis. However, if you have any doubts about the consumption of dairy products, we have to eliminate them in yoghurt. The wonderful "thick milk" can extend your lifetime. It helps to cleanse the intestinal flora and in this way also to keep the whole body healthy. Greek yogurt helps in the complete digestion of the food you eat. It also strengthens the immune system. All of this is of particular importance to your health.

Eat eggs daily for a healthy heart.

Healthy foods for a long life - what are these? 3

Years ago it was said: eggs you should eat in moderation. Then it was formulated differently - prefer to eat egg white and egg yolk separately! Now these alerts are considered obsolete. Studies indicate that daily egg eaters have a low risk of dying from heart attack. So, if you are going to age and want to have a healthy resin until old age, then eat eggs daily, without hesitation!

We know and consume different types of beans.

Healthy foods for a long life - what are these? 4

beans are a source of healthy vegetable protein. Their consumption is the easiest way to build your body. Beans contain fiber that helps the body to digest other foods. Besides, they do not contain bad fats.

Dark chocolate not only tastes delicious, it is also healthy.

Healthy foods for a long life - what are these? 5

If you want a healthy cardiovascular system, you have to do without delicious chocolate bars with raisins and nuts and only eat dark chocolate. The cocoa of this type of chocolate contains numerous flavonoids. They have a very positive effect on the heart, so that you support your good health by consuming dark chocolate. So you can grow old and stay healthy for a long time.

Salmon is the healthiest choice when it comes to fish consumption.

Healthy foods for a long life - what are these? 6

It is well known that the so-called omega-3 fatty acids especially in the sea ​​creatures stuck. These fatty acids are healthy and vital because our bodies can not produce them ourselves. Therefore, it is recommended by nutrition experts and medics that we have as many as possible two fish meals per week. Especially the consumption of protein rich salmon is highly recommended. So you get the necessary omega-3 fatty acids and lower the cholesterol level, thus reducing the risk of heart disease.

Broccoli is still called winter flower, asparagus or sprouts.

Healthy foods for a long life - what are these? 7

  • Fruits and vegetables for a long healthy life

The list of healthy fruits and vegetables is quite long, so we have selected only a few for you. We start with Broccoli. The dark green sprouts cabbage is a wonderful vitamin K source that helps build strong bones and helps the immune system fight disease. Choose suitable recipes for broccoli to help you cook this vegetable properly.

Tomatoes - the wonderful red vegetables are especially good for your health.

Healthy foods for a long life - what are these? 8th

Various tomatoes are ideal for combating cancer cells. They also provide your body with the necessary ingredients to enrich the blood. Each person should consume at least one large tomato per week.

Avocados are the healthiest option among all types of fruit.

Healthy foods for a long life - what are these? 9

Among all fruit varieties seem avocados the healthiest option. They are rich in vitamins and microelements and therefore very useful for our good health. Avocado consumption has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack. Here three simple recipes with avocado.

Despite the unpleasant halitosis, garlic consumption brings many health benefits.

Healthy foods for a long life - what are these? 10

Some readers may object to this point because garlic leaves after the meal an unpleasant bad breath. But otherwise he is very healthy. Garlic helps kill harmful microorganisms and keeps your body free of all helminths. It also improves the immune system, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Regular consumption of garlic can improve your blood circulation. It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. This means that eating by eating garlic reduces the risk of heart attack.

Berries are visually appealing, inside very tasty and full of vitamins.

Healthy foods for a long life - what are these? 11

All fresh Berry are wonderful fruits whose consumption we can only recommend. It's best to consume them in the season when they mature. But also frozen berries are a good option. Other healthy and very popular fruits are apples and bananas. The apples contain a lot of fiber, which lower the cholesterol level and therefore also the risk of myocardial infarction. It is not for nothing that we often hear people say, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!". With this in mind, you can consume at least one apple a day and stay healthy for a long time. Very much like to be worldwide too bananas Eat, and for a good reason. The ripe yellow fruits taste delicious on the one hand, on the other hand they contain a lot of potassium. With regular consumption you can cover a lot of the daily requirement of this mineral in the body and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Do you already know the gluten-free banana bread? Here you can find the simple recipe for it.

Lemons are known to contain a lot of vitamin C.

Healthy foods for a long life - what are these? 12

Undoubtedly, the list of healthy foods for a long life also includes Lemons , They contain a lot of vitamin C and with the consumption of one lemon a day you can cover your daily needs. Lemon flavonoids help inhibit the growth of cancer cells. They also prevent other diseases, including influenza.

The leafy green vegetables are without hesitation on the list of healthy foods for a long life.

Healthy foods for a long life - what are these? 13

This green leafy vegetable contains a large amount of lutein. The consumption of spinach protects your immune system and your eyes. To consume spinach in different recipes is especially important for women. Lutein, which is found in leafy green vegetables, plays an important role in ovulation and improves the ability to conceive.

Who likes to nibble knows the positive side of walnut consumption.

Healthy foods for a long life - what are these? 14

Walnuts are full of vital microelements for the body and brain. Many unsaturated fats are in the nuts, which, among other things, support the human nervous system. Eat at least a handful of nuts per day to provide your body with the minerals it needs and to keep it healthy.

Nuts and dried fruit - a tasty and healthy combination, especially in winter!

Healthy foods for a long life - what are these? 15

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