Great X-mas ideas for your living room decoration

Great X-mas ideas for your living room decoration

As you know, the living room is the heart of every home. It is usually very cozy, inviting and comfortable, so that each family member likes to spend a lot of time there, where the family watches TV together or maybe even cuddles together. In the living room, of course, you can often visit, where friends and relatives are always welcome. Therefore, the charisma of this room should be warm, inviting and inspiring. And at Christmas? Just such an ambience is announced during the winter festival. If you have not started your X-mas decoration yet or if you do not come up with very fresh ideas for it this year, we can offer help immediately. Because we want to present to you today great tips for stylish Christmas decoration in the living room, which can make your room atmosphere quite cozy and festive! Stay tuned and get as much inspiration as possible from our rich picture gallery!

x-mas-decoration-living room-christmas-mantel

Create a cozy, warm and inviting atmosphere at home and enjoy the holidays!

Basically, each living room has several well-defined areas that are also important for the X-mas decoration there. First and foremost are the fireplace and mantel, windows and a corner room where the Christmas tree stands. Some of these rooms are well-defined in some living rooms, others are just a few. A Christmas tree should not and can not necessarily stand in the X-mas decoration, though he does always desired. The children are most eager for it. But if you have no children at home, you can successfully conjure up the incomparable mood of Christmas at home. We'll show you how it works!

fireplace-mantel-decoration-christmas stocking-small fir tree-pinecone-image

Decorate the mantel and make it a real eye-catcher

  • Decorate the mantelpiece and turn it into a real eye-catcher

We start with first a few ideas for the mantelpiece. Yes, this one can easily turn into a real eye-catcher in the living room. That means you can safely do without the Christmas tree if you have an amazing mantelpiece. In some living rooms, there is lack of space, so the mantel can be the perfect place to express your creativity in X-mas decoration. Light your mantel with Christmas lights, candles and festive symbols. Add evergreen garlands and wreaths to instantly bring the Christmas Spirit into your room. Hang Christmas stockings and other colorful ornaments that you particularly like. If you have a non-functioning fireplace that only fulfills a decorative function in your living room, you can put large stump candles directly there. Lanterns, berries and cones can still be added to give the decoration of your mantel special charm.

mantel-decorating-modern-living room-christmas lights-garland-stump candles

Decorate your mantelpiece with garlands, Christmas lights, lanterns and stump candles and invite the Christmas spirit into the house!

as-sitzmobel-patterned carpet-in-black-oriented

When lack of space, you can put directly on the decoration of your fireplace and forget everything else

  • The Christmas tree is in almost every house this season

The Christmas tree is the traditional heart of every Christmas decoration. He undoubtedly introduces the festive atmosphere into the living room. You can choose a free room corner for him or put the tree directly in front of a blank wall. With rich decoration or simply adorned, he will anyway draw everyone's attention. Choose a tree that suits your home decor. But do not forget, a Christmas tree can be placed in the kitchen, outside the house or on the veranda. Decorated in silver or white, with numerous sparkling balls and sparkling lights, the Christmas tree fits just as well in a minimalist as in a modern interior. The vintage and country style are also fitting, because the X-mas decoration is wonderful everywhere. Decorate according to your wishes - with lights, pine cones, Christmas ornaments, artificial snow or glittering garlands. There are no limits to your imagination and creativity!

christmas tree-decorated-cozy place-living room-warm-hues

Let your imagination run free and decorate the Christmas tree at home!

x-mas-decoration-living room-christmas-glittering-dull candles-fireplace-mantel

It glitters everywhere! Christmas is here!

  • Beautiful window decoration for Christmas gives your festively decorated living room the finishing touch

Be sure to arrange a corner where you can display the Christmas gifts. Pack them accordingly and they can serve as X-mas decoration. But that means the room design options are by no means exhausted. The windows also deserve to be spiced up for a big party. Christmas wreaths or garlands of cones decorate this great! And when you add soft light there, everything looks festive and magical. Poinsettias and fairy lights will give your X-mas decoration the finishing touch!

Merry Christmas!

christmas-tree-fireplace-white-gray-gold-and-silver glitter

Christmas is in the air! Celebrate the best time of the year with your family!


Have you already packed the Christmas presents?

christmas wreath-window decorations

Decorate your windows for Christmas with attention to detail

christmas wreath-window decorations-christmas lights

Decorate the windows for Christmas and show everyone how much you appreciate the traditions

christmas wreath-window decoration-ideas

Christmas-decorated pine cones can have a great deco value

elegant-living room-window decorations-poinsettia-lights and lamps

So white and beautiful could be your window decoration for Christmas!

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