Great ideas on how to decorate the small apartment for Christmas

Great ideas on how to decorate the small apartment for Christmas

If you do not have enough living space, deciding how to decorate your home on the occasion of the coming Christmas may be tricky now during the Advent season. Especially if you really love the idea of ​​creating a festive ambience, inviting and cozy. Surely you want to have a traditional Christmas tree and an Advent wreath ... scatter glittering lights and flickering candles here and there .... But although your home is small, there are creative ways to decorate a small room for the big Christmas. How do you show just how you can do that.

christmas tree-alternatively-to-the-wall-forming-dried flower-branches graser

An alternative variant for the classic Christmas tree

Use an alternative Christmas tree. In our picture gallery there are alternative options that even bring about miracles in a small space. Directly on the wall you can make a Christmas tree from dry flowers and grasses or stack the wrapped Christmas presents in a form that resembles a fir tree. Most of these ideas only take up a bit of wall space, but do not take up a tread from the floor. This will not disturb the traffic in your room.

window decorations-christmas

Do not forget to decorate your windows for Christmas

Hang Christmas decorations on your window. So you can enjoy this ornament from the inside and the outside.

fir-pot-out side-simply-adorned

Small fir tree in the pot can decorate the area in front of your front door

A very successful idea for small houses is a Christmas tree in a pot or pine branches in a vase. Take some real evergreen fir branches and place them in a large vase. Decorate them as you usually do, so you have a Christmas tree!

flower-vase-beautiful-christmas decoration

Branches in a vase instead of a decorated Christmas tree


Glitter and lights fall from the ceiling

Use fairy lights falling from the ceiling in your Christmas decorations. These catch your eye immediately, create a festive mood, but do not take up much space. Therefore, bring beautiful lights up to your ceiling or to door openings or windows.

christmas wreath-hangend

Find a suitable place for the Christmas wreath and turn it into a great eye-catcher

Hang a wreath on the wall, over the piano or the fireplace or next to the bookshelf or a mural. This is a great alternative in apartments that are not enough

lemon slices-zimtstangen-wonderfully-scented-to-christmas

Everywhere smells of lemon and cinnamon at Christmas time

Let your home smell after Christmas. Now it smells of baked apples, oranges and cinnamon. And of course after pine cones! So wonderful it smells on Christmas! Put some scented candles together and enjoy the sight and their aroma. Bring a pot of water to the stove, boil four orange halves, a few cinnamon sticks and fresh cherries. Only after 5 minutes your apartment will be filled with a nice scent - with the scent of Christmas!
Do you want to imitate one or some of the ideas presented here at home?
We wish you a lot of fun decorating and a really happy and contemplative party!
Merry Christmas!

periwinkle-branches Wreath-wind-hang up

Take evergreen branches and braid a wreath or bouquet

Print tinker-postcards-creativity-

Do you like to do handicrafts? Then it's time to express your creativity

Old-glass bottles-new-functional vases-branches

Old glass bottles get new function


Decorate an old ladder with lights and turn them into an eye-catcher


You can also showcase a vintage vase

fir-cup-without-christmas decorations-gifts rums-around

A fir in a pot can also be attractive without jewelery

wall decoration-periwinkle

Proudly present the poinsettia on your wall, especially if you made it yourself


Create a decorative Christmas tree on the wall with everything you have at hand

star anise-cinnamon sticks and orange peel-scented-christmas

How does it smell in your home at Christmas time?

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