Great deco ideas for the garden party - cool outdoor highlights

Great deco ideas for the garden party - cool outdoor highlights

Finally the nice weather is here and we spend much more time outdoors. The balmy summer nights allow many great outdoor parties or romantic dinners with friends and relatives in the garden. Something fast food, what we know from our dynamic everyday life should now be forgotten! A cozy get-together with the family in the dining room turns into hours in the summer and amusing outdoor time. Watching TV is no longer a priority - everyone prefers talking to friends outside, enjoying the fresh air and cold drinks in the open air.

colorful hanging lamp paper garden decoration summer party

The colorful paper balls are ideal hanging lamps for the garden

You probably already have your outdoor area comfortably furnished and equipped with everything you need. You can prepare your food outside, the drinks are well cooled and all seating is comfortably decorated with decorative pillows. In other words - everything is ready for your party! Or not quite. If you think that the decoration in the outdoor area is not so important and plays a minor role, then you are wrong !. With the right decoration you can turn the traditional and usual atmosphere in the garden into a real eye-catcher in the whole neighborhood. Surely you will feel satisfied too, if you notice - your great garden decoration conjures enthusiastic smiles on the faces of your guests. Everyone will be deeply impressed by your effort and creativity in the garden and your family will be very proud of you.

Outdoor Party Deco Idea Wooden Ladder Shelves

The old wooden ladder can be used as a practical shelving system

All decoration ideas in this article you can certainly craft yourself or create together with your family. That means an amusing and entertaining weekend, as crafting in a good company is always fun. Of course, you have to give some time to do that, but this is how something special will create in your outdoor area, namely a stylish and inviting corner for parties, parties and other events. This great place will surely give you pleasant relaxation all summer long, until the first snowflakes appear or even in winter. Show more creativity and create great decorations from old household items. The empty bottles and preserving jars do not necessarily throw you away. From this you can create unusual flower vases or lanterns. Match the Christmas lights to the mood of your summer party when you make beautiful colorful umbrellas out of paper or old newspapers and put them on the lamps. Do not forget that balloons are not kid's business, they are part of every happy outdoor party, as well as lanterns and garlands.

Fire pit Outdoor gardening bale straw

Around the fireplace you can spend many entertaining hours in the company of friends and family

For even more inspiration, take a look at our carefully selected picture gallery and find the perfect deco ideas for your next garden party! We wish you lots of fun!

Garden design great ideas buffet beer summer party

Creative DIY buffet for ice cold beer and other refreshing drinks

Garden Party Decoration Glasses Vases Flowers Outdoor

Homemade garden decoration made of preserving jars, bars, a little hemp thread and fragrant flowers

stylish garden decoration white deco bench

Stylish table design in soft gray and snow white

oriental decoration outdoor colorful rugs decorating pillows

Thematic party decoration with a corresponding dress code - this is the new trend in celebrations in the outdoor area

Deco ideas garden white bubbles ivy wall covering

Romantic decoration with balloons and ivy

galvanized bucket with flowers Outdoor PartyDeko idea

The old galvanized bucket can be embellished perfectly with wildflowers and some lace

Outdoor birthday celebrate stylish decoration fairy lights

DIY hanging decoration made of paper

colorful fairy lights paper garden design decoration idea

Great fairy lights are a must for the outdoor party

Garden decoration for DIY Retro picture frame

Take a picture directly - great reminder of your party

Outdoor party folding chairs round table decoration outdoor wedding

The spacious garden is also suitable for your wedding or other family celebrations

Mason jar with field flowers garden decoration outdoor party

A charming bouquet of wild flowers

great gift idea garden party surprise tree stumps

Surprise your guests with small gifts

romantic garden decoration outdoor party red napkins

Lace cover, burning candles, deco accents in red ... it can not be more romantic!

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